Saints will test viability of fans by inviting 750 guests on Sunday night

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The Saints aren’t ready to sell tickets to games at the Superdome just yet, but they’re inching toward it with a trial run on Sunday night.

The team announced today that 750 family members of players, coaches and staff will be allowed to attend Sunday night’s game against the Packers, and if that goes well the team will begin planning for ticket-buying fans in the stands.

“This is a strict test of our health and safety protocols that we have been working on,” the team said. “These protocols include health screenings, mobile ticketing, social distancing and other health and safety enhancements. Facemasks will be required for all attending. This is open only to immediate family, allowing us to test our procedures while allowing us to have a firm handle on who is attending for the purposes of safety and tracing.”

Most NFL stadiums have been empty so far this season, but a growing number of teams is at least exploring the possibility of having fans in the stands for future games. It’s unlikely that we’ll see the Superdome back to full capacity at any time this season, but we may see a few thousand fans in New Orleans before the season is over.

4 responses to “Saints will test viability of fans by inviting 750 guests on Sunday night

  1. …and IF the ‘test’ fails, those guests get to take home a Covid-19 gift to their loved ones.

  2. I’m just happy Kenny Clark practiced today.

    Looking forward to this game. Will be a tough one for the Pack to get the W, but let’s do this!


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