Eagles will decide each week whether Jalen Hurts or Nate Sudfeld is backup QB

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In Week One, Eagles rookie quarterback Jalen Hurts was inactive, while Nate Sudfeld was active as the backup to starting quarterback Carson Wentz. In Week Two, Hurts was active and Sudfeld was inactive. The Eagles may alternate like that all season.

Eagles coach Doug Pederson said today that he went with Hurts on Sunday because he thought Hurts might be able to contribute against the Rams. Hurts did play three snaps, but he never ran, caught or passed the ball.

“He has a skill set that we saw in college obviously and we just felt that it was a situation for him. It was nothing against Nate Sudfeld. It is a week to week decision based on game plan and opponent,” Pederson said, via 97.5 The Fanatic.

Regardless of whether Hurts or Sudfeld is the backup, what the Eagles really need is for Wentz to play better. He’s had an ugly first two games, and if he doesn’t improve, worrying about the rest of the depth chart will be rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.