Gardner Minshew: We made too many mistakes

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Jaguars quarterback Gardner Minshew played well enough in the first two games of the season to make a case that he’s the franchise’s long-term quarterback, and not just a placeholder for whoever they draft in 2021. On Thursday night, he struggled.

Minshew threw an interception, lost a fumble, took four sacks and generally did not look like a franchise quarterback in a 31-13 loss to the Dolphins.

“We had too many mistakes tonight – that’s just plain and simple,” Minshew said.

Minshew particularly struggled on third downs (on which the Jaguars’ offense converted just three in 10 attempts) and fourth downs (on which the Jaguars were 0-for-3). In the first two weeks, Minshew’s success on later downs obscured some poor plays on first and second downs. That’s usually not sustainable over the long term, however, and on Thursday night, the Jaguars looked like the rebuilding team everyone expected them to be.

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  1. I watched the whole game, and in all fairness the Jags recievers were atrocious. A dropped catch here and there. No separation whatsoever. If Jacksonville can actually acquire some people to catch the ball then Minshew can be dangerous.

  2. One game and they are a rebuilding team, lmao, the same media that was talking about them been a playoff team will spin it this week and call them non contenders.
    What happened to them last night can happen to any team,they just didn’t play well or seem to have the same motivation of the past two weeks and the Fins came to play.
    Are they a playoff team, I don’t know but I’m not writing them off cus they played poorly in one game.
    I’m sure if they wim 2 straight the media will somehow spin it and call them super bowl favorites, enjoy the spin.

  3. They truly didn’t play like a team that wanted to win. The winning teams have players who don’t drop key passes that hit them in the arms (like the one the receiver dropped before halftime).

  4. The Jags were a surprise early, but the Fins woke them up to reality.
    Maybe Jax was buying into the local hype.

  5. I’m a Jag fan but last night was an embarrassment. They won’t have to tank for Trevor, just keep playing like they are. When will they ever get rid of Todd Wash? When you play that many rookies it says a lot about your depth. There is no depth. The announcers did all they could to build up the Jags and up and coming team with their franchise QB but America saw something different.

  6. Too many mistakes, too many penalties, the defense is terrible and couldn’t stop a Pop Warner team, the offensive line can’t block anybody, and their WRs are not NFL-caliber WRs, especially Conley who had as many drops as he had catches. Cam Robinson getting ejected didn’t help either. The Jags looked like the 0-2 team last night and if they play like that they’ll finish the season at 1-15 which is just about how many wins I’d thought they’d have at the beginning of the season.

    On the bright side, Minshew is a gamer and if he had an offensive line that could block and WRs who could catch he can be a good NFL QB. Then there’s James Robinson. How in the world did that guy not get drafted? He looks as good as any RB in the league.

    ‘My kingdom for an offensive line–or a WR who can catch the ball’ –Gardner Minshew

  7. Typical Jay Gruden offense. Never prepared, never up for the challenge and never performs well in primetime. Ask Cincinnati and Washington fans. Have fun Jax fans!

  8. A couple big drops early in the game changes everything. A third down drop is equivalent to a turnover. On the stat sheet it looks like the QB missed, but he put some of those balls right on his receivers’ hands. Then you second guess the coach and everyone else. I was glad to see Miami finally looking like an NFL team. These teams could play next week and Jacksonville could beat them by 3 TD’s.

  9. Not a Jags fan but I do like him as a QB, the media as well as the fans can be so fickle. I think he has a bright future, one bad game humpf. You never know about a player or how their career will turn out. Minshew seems like a pretty cool cat and with good coaching can do great things. Don’t write those Jags off just yet season is young.

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