Kevin Stefanski: It’s too early to know what the Browns’ offense will look like

Getty Images

Browns receiver Odell Beckham Jr. believes it’s not going to be the type of season that results in the generation of big numbers. Browns coach Kevin Stefanski says it’s way too early to draw those kinds of conclusions.

“Obviously, it is about the team, but I will tell you, we are only two games in this thing,” Stefanski said Friday, via the team’s official website. “To say we are exactly what we are going to look like week in and week out, I do not think that is fair. I think this thing is growing really on all sides of the ball — offensively, defensively and special teams. We are going to evolve as need be throughout the season.”

That’s the right approach. No team should be one dimensional. The running game won’t work without the threat of the passing game, and the passing game won’f work without the threat of the running game.

If defenses load up to stop Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt on the ground, opportunities will emerge in the passing game, and the Browns will need to be ready to take advantage of them.

Still, the fact that Beckham is saying something other than “I want the ball” is a good sign. He’s accepting that his role may not be to catch a bunch of passes. If/when his number is called, that should be regarded as a bonus.