Mohamed Sanu: “Just wasn’t a good fit” in New England

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Wide receiver Mohamed Sanu made his 49ers debut last Sunday against the Jets and he played 13 offensive snaps without having a pass thrown his way.

That quiet outing didn’t have a negative impact on Sanu’s view of his new team. Sanu said on Thursday that he’s excited to be with the 49ers and that “this culture is more my style” than the one he was in in New England.

Sanu joined the Patriots in a trade for a second-round pick last year, but never caught on in their offense while dealing with an ankle injury. Sanu was released this summer, which left the Patriots with little to show for the trade and Sanu feeling like parting ways was for the best.

“I felt like it just wasn’t a good fit,” Sanu said, via Chris Biderman of the Sacramento Bee. “Things happened the way they happened, and I’m not really looking to the past. I’m grateful for my time in New England. It taught me a lot, just didn’t jell out how I wanted it to.”

Sanu will be back at MetLife Stadium to face the Giants and we’ll see if another week of jelling with his new team leads to more of an impact on the field.

15 responses to “Mohamed Sanu: “Just wasn’t a good fit” in New England

  1. He show promise in one or two games then never equaled it again.

    He will end up playing and getting 400-500 yards and 3 – 5 TD’s per year for the next 3 years and then be out of Football.

    We took a hit with him in the trade. Lost a second rounder to get him. and in the draft this year that hurt big time. there are several second round WR’s that are better than Sanu is now… Guess you can’t hit on all of your trades.

  2. He had 10 catches for almost 100 yards in his second game. Then early in the third game got that high ankle sprain and tried to play through it the rest of the season but clearly it effected him.

    Bill dropped the ball on that one (no pun intended) should have gotten Emanuel Sanders instead , would have been a better fit.

  3. Emmanuel Sanders was the better choice better hands, better route running, and more speed. For Brady and Cam Newton. Sanu was not worth a 2nd rounder Bill screwed up on that one. Drafting and picking up free agent receivers does not seem to be his strength (exceptions being Moss and Welker.)

  4. davedsone says:
    September 25, 2020 at 7:36 am
    Thanks for trying, and not being a jerk about it after. It’s refreshing.

    83 3 Rate This


    Not admitting his foot injury obviously affected him and ruined his future unable to get separation now forcing him to be cut, means we should “thank” him?

    He just lied.

    He would be in NE if not for that injury. Had nothing to do with the culture in NE.

  5. Yeah, at 1st it looked respectable & the 2nd rounder was to TRY to make Brady happy….. then like every receiver last year he got hurt OR was a psycho like AB…..& TE WAS A HORROR STORY TO BOOT…. lots
    of O-Line issues to boot…..Brady checking out mid season didn’t help too much either…… he knew he was gone & just seemed complacent & disinterested as a result….actually a extremely good coaching job by BB when you look at it as a whole……
    No way Bill was gonna pay him 6 million to be a #2-3 receiver & it looks like he wouldn’t take a pay cut to stay if one was even offered…. as it is, he’s just making over a million with the 49ers & they are currently more desperate than we were…..
    Best of luck to him…..& I’m actually a tad bit excited about the 2 guys we picked up off waivers from the Titans…..Wilkerson & Kinsey…. they just need a bit of time to learn the system…. I’m thinking week 8-9 & there’s still Gunner who’s coming off IR shortly….
    Go Pats!!!

  6. psljax says:
    September 25, 2020 at 8:28 am

    He is a class act apparently. Just don’t understand why a second round for him.
    Wes Welker’s stats at Miami were nothing special & should’ve garnered a 2nd rounder either. Welker averaged about 50 catches a year and scored once in 2 seasons for the Dolphins, before being traded to NE. But with Tom Brady, Welker was great. Sanu in Atlanta was better than any NE wr, except Edelman.

  7. Not his culture….you mean a team that goes out and does their job and competes every game?

    Please Sanu….I like you…seemed like a good dude, but you got injured and then this off-season practices couldn’t get separation and BB cut you.

  8. flash1224 says:
    September 25, 2020 at 8:49 am

    Bill dropped the ball on that one (no pun intended) should have gotten Emanuel Sanders instead , would have been a better fit.
    Denver did not want to trade Sanders to an AFC rival, they wanted him shipped to the NFC.

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