NFL tweaks policies on fake crowd noise

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NFL teams will continue pumping fake crowd noise into their stadiums on Sunday, but some of the rules governing that noise have been revised.

The league is now allowing stadiums to play fake crowd noise at levels up to 80 decibels, Tom Pelissero of NFL Network reports. The decibel level must be submitted to the league before the game and audio must be used evenly throughout the game, regardless of who’s on offense and who’s on defense.

Teams playing in empty stadiums or nearly empty stadiums are required to use the fake fan noise, but it’s optional for teams with at least 2,500 fans in attendance.

The networks use their own audio, so fake crowd noise that fans are hearing at home is not the same as the fake crowd noise that the players are hearing in the stadium.

11 responses to “NFL tweaks policies on fake crowd noise

  1. It is ridiculous that fans are not hearing the same fake noise the players are, come on already!

  2. what on Earth is the point of fake crowd noise if its the same for offense AND defense? Just shut it all off and let us hear the players and coaches throughout the game.

  3. Why can’t the networks just play the sound from the stadium? Have they been broadcasting fake crowd noise all these years?

  4. Not to complicate it but what if they gave a certain amount of decibels and a certain amount of time that crowd noise could be played and a designated member of each teams coaching staff could control it.

    Maybe they turn it up louder on a pivotal 3rd down and run out on a game tying flied goal to add another layer of strategy.

  5. Why would fake crowd noise be a requirement? That doesn’t make any sense. The fake crowd noise is WEIRD. How is the league so oblivious to this?

  6. The fake crowd noise is definitely weird on TV. I hate the way they’re mixing it. You can barely hear some of the team’ usual audio cues, like their third-down horn (or whatever) and their TD noise. Often there is a second or two delay before the crowd roars after a big play, which is both funny and pathetic.

    And why don’t we hear music at home? Is it because they’re not doing the music at the stadium these days or is it being mixed out for TV? To me, the music is a part of the game experience, especially when you have a home crew that’s good at it. The NBA is doing their annoying organ stuff, so why can’t we hear the much-superior NFL music?

  7. Teams can’t change the decibel levels. Must be the same throughout the entire game, as stated by the NFL, and mentioned in this article.

  8. I like what Philadelphia did last Sunday, true to their fan base, they booed their own QB with fake noise.

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