Ryan Fitzpatrick rides another wave of success, for now

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Thursday night’s performance from Dolphins quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick was unsurprising given that it was so surprising.

That’s been the pattern in recent years for Fitzpatrick. Periodically, he transmogrifies into Fitzmagic. It usually happens when least expected. Then, once everyone climbs aboard the did-you-know-he-went-to-Harvard? train, the switch toggles back to Fitztragic.

The season began that way, with three interceptions and a 44.6 passer rating against the Patriots. Then, only 11 days later, Fitzpatrick had an evening for the ages, completing 18 of 20 passes (catching one of them) for 160 yards, three touchdowns, and a passer rating of 133.3.

It was great. It was special. It was awesome. But history tells us it won’t last. More precisely, it will last just until the moment we assume it will continue indefinitely.

Then, we’ll begin to count the minutes to Tua Time — and just as the change is about to be made, Fitzpatrick will pull another rabbit out of his beard.

It’s a lather/rinse/repeat ritual that will continue as long as Fitzpatrick keeps playing. Which hopefully we be for more than a few more years.

11 responses to “Ryan Fitzpatrick rides another wave of success, for now

  1. Fitzpatrick played well enought to have beaten Buffalo as our defense lost that game for us Fitz was 31/47 for 328 yards and two TD’s and it should have been 3 TD’s had P Williams made that catch in the endzone!

  2. What a pleasure it is to see a guy playing with that much joy for the game! I respect the heck out of Fitzpatrick and it’s obvious his teammates do, too.
    He is a guy everyone can root for.

  3. I know I’m biased but I think its different in Miami. This team looks to have bought in to the coaching, their teammates and the system. They were having a BLAST last night and it was fun to watch.

    The defense has a ways to go but once Byron comes back our secondary wil be lock down. Keep improving the pass rush and for the love of Pete learn how to stop the run. Fitz does not have to be incredible he just has to be careful and make the plays when its time. He may be able to sustain it this time, if not it’s time for TUA!

    Feels good to be a Fin fan. I just hope I don’t have to come crashing and burning back to earth after the Seattle game. I don’t care if they lose as long as they are competitive.

  4. Unfortunately for him he doesn’t get to face a defense every week that is as bad as Jacksonville’s.

  5. Fitpatrick usually reserves his worst games later in the season when his teams might have a shot at the playoffs, and that’s usually when he lays an egg.

  6. We have all seen this movie before… Seriously…. In the next act he throws 3 picks and fumbles twice.

  7. Before my fellow Dolphin fans drink more Fitz kool aid, let’s see what happens against Seattle and other real defenses.

  8. For a guy who came out of Harvard in the 7th round to have the career he’s had is simply amazing. His grit and intelligence has allowed him to stick around and give the detractors an big s&!t burger to eat. He plays like there is no tomorrow and that is inspiring to see. He played about a perfect a first half as any qb could Thursday, I mean it was textbook. Obviously he doesn’t have the physical tools most qbs have but he leaves it all out there and that is a joy to watch.

  9. You leave FitzMagic alone! We love him in the UK. I certainly hope he comes back to see us and do some punditry on Sky. Him and Coach Ryan together would be amazing!

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