Seahawks continue to wait for Josh Gordon’s reinstatement

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The Cowboys will have Aldon Smith against the Seahawks. The Seahawks won’t have Josh Gordon against the Cowboys.

While Smith gained reinstatement from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, and Cowboys defensive end Randy Gregory conditional reinstatement, the Seahawks have no idea when the league will allow Gordon to return.

I don’t know,” Carroll said, via Gregg Bell of The News Tribune, “because we can’t talk about it.”

The Seahawks signed Gordon 22 days ago, assuming Gordon would receive approval from the league office to play again. As it stands now, Gordon remains on the reserve/suspended list and can’t so much as watch coaches’ film of the previous game.

Bell wrote that Carroll has “sounded increasingly frustrated over the stalled situation.” Gordon is serving his seventh NFL suspension since he entered the league, his second in 12 months.

Gordon has not played a full, 16-game season since his rookie year of 2012. He played five games with the Seahawks and six with the Patriots last season.

The Seahawks could use Gordon after placing Phillip Dorsett on injured reserve this week.

12 responses to “Seahawks continue to wait for Josh Gordon’s reinstatement

  1. Josh Gordon’s has had these suspensions for pot. The NFL loves to have their guys on these painkillers but up until this year pot was still the Devil’s lettuce.

    When Jarren Reed was suspended 8 games last year for something he did in college and Chief’s Hill was allowed to play even though his was documented and recent told me the NFL has no system of fair punishment.

    Let Gordon play.

  2. The league is a joke! Take some recreational drugs…indefinite suspension. Get your lung punctured to be pumped with painkillers…no problem!

  3. Some people continue to perpetuate the myth that he has been suspended for “weed”. This guy has been addicted to pretty much every substance that can be abused (by his own admission).

    Please stop enabling this dude by underplaying his addictions.

  4. Although I am an avid marijuana enthusiast myself, Josh Gordon has had too many chances. If my options were millions or Marijuana I’m picking the first

  5. jvorallballs says:
    September 26, 2020 at 12:35 am
    things like this remind me why the Seahawks have only won that one Super Bowl.
    Move on.


    An organization willing to gamble on things like this remind me why the Seahawks have owned the 49ers and been the most successful team in the NFCWest this century.

    Continue on.

  6. There is no cure for stupid. You can figure out who is stupid between the NFL’ or the player. Bill

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