T.Y. Hilton “back to being me” after talk with grandmother

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Colts wide receiver T.Y. Hilton has built his career on being a reliable target for quarterbacks, but reliability hasn’t been his strong suit so far this season.

Hilton dropped two passes in the season-opening loss to the Jaguars, which led to some harsh self-criticism, and dropped what would have been a touchdown in last Sunday’s win over the Vikings. The criticism after that drop came from another member of Hilton’s family.

The wideout said on Thursday that he got a call from his grandmother telling him that he didn’t look like himself.

“She just always keeps it 100 with me,” Hilton said, via the team’s website. “She always shoots it straight with me and lets me know what’s up. She’s my rock, she’s my heart, and she called me and told me that the person that she seen on TV wasn’t her grandbaby. She knew that that wasn’t me. So, you know, it hurt me for her to tell me that, but she’s always kept it real. She said, ‘You look frustrated,’ and that’s not the way I play this game. I’m always happy, always excited. So I’m back to being me. I’m good.”

The Colts face the Jets this weekend and that should provide Hilton with plenty of opportunity to show that the first couple of weeks were an aberration.

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  1. If the Colts go to the playoffs, Colts fans need to send his grandma some fruit baskets or somethin

  2. I had a similar relationship with my Gramma and those of us who have know just how special they are. I liked reading this story.

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