With Jalen Ramsey coming to town, Josh Allen brushes off “trash” insult

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In 2018, Jalen Ramsey called Josh Allen “trash.” On Sunday, Allen will get a chance to make Ramsey eat his words.

But Allen, whose Bills host Ramsey’s Rams on Sunday, didn’t take the bait when asked about the comments by the media. Instead, Allen said he doesn’t think about it and respects Ramsey as a player.

That was so long ago in my opinion,” Allen said, via Syracuse.com. “It’s really a non-factor you know he’s been a great player in this league for a long time, he’s only gotten better and he’s a problem that we’re gonna have to deal.”

Allen may say he’s not thinking about it, but he is clearly aware of it. Last year he autographed a photo of himself playing against the Jaguars with the message, “Hey Ramsey. . . Am I still trash?” The Bills beat the Jaguars in Allen’s only meeting with Ramsey.

25 responses to “With Jalen Ramsey coming to town, Josh Allen brushes off “trash” insult

  1. Shelf life for CBs is limited, especially compared to QBs.
    Best to keep your trash talk to yourself.
    If you want others to respect you, try respecting them.
    If you can’t be kind, be vague.

    I hope Allen lights up ol’ bigmouth L.A. Ramsey.

  2. Ramsey has always had a big mouth. Then the Jags started loosing again and he suddenly shut up. Is anyone surprised ? He’s a front runner.

  3. While I don’t care for Ramsey’s mouth, and am not a Rams fan, they look WAY legit this year. Even with Allen’s improvement if I were betting the game I’d be all-in on the Rams with a tight spread. The Bills’ running game is still a major question mark, especially with Moss a bit dinged up.

  4. This is another good example of a player not taking the bait. The reporter who asked the question was just hoping Allen would respond with “bulletin board material”so that could be the talk all weekend.

    Even if he WANTED to say something like ‘I am going to show he’s the trash and I’m taking him to the landfill on Sunday” I’m glad he took the high road.

  5. I’d be less worried about Ramsey and more worried about Aaron Donald. It can’t be fun to get hit by that dude.

  6. “That was a long time ago.” is some of the best advice anyone can ever take. If more people lived by those words the world would be a better place.

  7. As a Jags fan and watching Ramsey’s whole time here in Jville…there is no doubt the dude is one of top 2 or 3 corners in the league. His talent jumps out at you.
    That being said – also was obvious he just wanted to get paid and now that he has – will be interesting to see if his play declines because he got his $$.

    Hes also a drama queen. I think Jags trading him and then replacing him with #1 pick CJ Henderson (who looks REALLY good) will be a good move.

    Hope Josh burns Ramsey for 2 td’s.

  8. Ramsey is the biggest trash talker in the league. It’s part of his game. Might lead to Allen taking a risk he shouldn’t.

  9. As a Cowboys fan, I’ve got no dog in the hunt.

    As a Josh Allen fantasy owner, I hope he runs wild over them!

  10. Allen’s a smart kid and a hard worker – is he gonna be in the HoF, who the heck knows, but all the hate for the kid is kinda amusing. He’s improved every year, and the next 4 games are a legitimate gauntlet to show how far he and the Bills have really come. Gonna be a good game Sunday, Donald and Co are hard to control – and with the running game suspect, he’s gonna have to deliver some good throws

  11. Pats fan here….hate the Bills, but I hope Allen targets that turd Ramsey and picks him apart.

    Good Luck Bills! Looking forward to the matches later on this season.

  12. I am a Rams fan and appreciate the skills Jalen brings to the table. But I am embarrassed when guys on my team act like this. What possible good comes from disparaging another player publicly?? At best you look like a arrogant self-centered person. At worst, you look like an arrogant, self-centered person…who just got owned by the guy you called out.

    Josh is having a great season so far. Good for him taking the high road.

  13. Maybe I’m the outlier. But I love the trash talking. Makes for fun storylines. And these guys are playing the most competitive game on earth. I think it’s great when a player opens his mouth. He may end up eating his words or he may back them up. I find it very entertaining and gives me an extra reason to watch a game that my team is not playing. “You mad bro”

  14. Going to be a good game – Defense is a tad banged up and the running game is suspect. We’ll need 31 points to win and Josh to carry the load. No TE, one RB and a solid corner on our best WR – John Brown, Beas and Davis gonna be busy – Id rather not see Allen run it 15x and risk injury

  15. Not a Bills or Rams fan, but this will be an interesting matchup. Buffalo has struggled with both Miami and the Jets this year. The Rams are better than both of them. As much as I want to shut Ramsey up, seeing the Bills take the L would be better.

  16. Jalen Ramsey will be an afterthought at the end of this game. Look for OC Brian Daboll to go to John Brown, Cole Beasley, Gabriel Davis and TJ Yeldon who will be playing with Zach Moss out.

    And you just know Stefon Diggs will contribute no matter who covers him.

  17. Hey Touchback 6, how many fumbles, minimum, can we expect from Allen? I didn’t get it the first few times. Stay classy.

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