Adam Gase: Job security something I can’t worry about

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The Jets lost 36-7 to the Colts on Sunday to fall to 0-3 while being outscored by 57 points on the season.

Those three losses mean that they’ve had 10 double digit losses in 19 games with Adam Gase as their head coach. That’s a big reason why Chris Mortensen of ESPN reported on Sunday morning that Gase is on increasingly thin ice with the Jets.

After Sunday’s loss, Gase was asked if he’s thinking about his job security.

“I’m gonna do what I always do, come back to work tomorrow and try to get things fixed,” Gase said. “It’s something I can’t worry about. I’ve gotta focus on getting our guys ready.”

The Jets play the Broncos on Thursday night, which would give them an extended break before facing the Cardinals in Week Five. With defensive coordinator Gregg Williams on hand, the Jets have someone with head coaching experience if they do decide to make a change at that or any other point this season.

21 responses to “Adam Gase: Job security something I can’t worry about

  1. Sigh of relief as a 49er fan that Trent Baalke was such a tool that even Adam Gase turned down his head coaching offer. This guy would have set the Niners back for a decade.

  2. Why was he hired? What has he ever done other than hold Manning’s clipboard?

    He’s made millions for no reason.

  3. Remember that press conference?? Yeah so do I. Who expected anything else. Sorry Sam you deserve better

  4. Adam Gase is now 30-38 as a head coach.
    Today was his 30th double-digit loss… and 25th loss by at least two touchdowns.
    Adam Gase has as many double-digit losses as total wins.

  5. Most people are still trying to figure out how you got the job, let alone why you haven’t been fired so i wouldn’t worry about it.

  6. As a Bostonian, New York teams losing is music to my ears. With that being said, I literally have no damn idea why this guy got offered a job after his Miami tenure. He’s such a joke. He did nothing with Tannehill, but a defensive guy named VRABEL is getting the most out of him.

    The jets should save face in an already weird year; and can him.

  7. “I’ve gotta focus on getting our guys ready.” You haven’t been ready once this season. What do you call “ready”?

  8. Gase is and always has been a fraud. His only success was as a QB coach and OC with a person named Manning running the offense.
    He almost ruined Tannehills career and is fixing to do that to Darnold.
    He will get fired and get a TE coach or QB coach job and try to fake his way back to a HC gig.
    No chance he makes it past Friday morning if they lose Thursday night.

  9. Worst coaching hire in recent memory. Gase is an incredibly awful head coach. He was an OC who rode the coattails of Peyton Manning (who was basically the real OC) and somehow immediately got another head coach job after failing in Miami.

  10. I can’t stand the Jets. But I feel bad for them. I’ve called them a dumpster fire all off-season with Gase making his typical “my guys only” personnel moves and handicapping the team. His offenses are always called “innovative” and offensive players love the creativity, but he’s a master of gimmicks. He cannot lead a consistently dominant offense and he never will.

    I am glad his shortcomings are now very apparent to everyone. He should not be a head coach in the NFL. Sorry, Jets. Maybe next year…

  11. I really feel bad for the Jets and their fans. They’ve been through so much and they knew it was coming again when they hired Gase. People stepping into the back yard and hollering “NOOOOOOO!” Man.

  12. Even Bill Parcells called it quits there…and he actually had a winning record. This is karma for booing every draft pick lol.

  13. If I were the Jets, I’d ride the year out with Gase and win the Trevor Lawrence lottery… As a Bills fan, I hope they fire him soon and win a few games and not get the top pick.

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