Bears believe Tarik Cohen tore his ACL

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The Bears pulled off their second big comeback win of the season on Sunday, but any future attempts may have to come without the help of running back Tarik Cohen.

Cohen left Sunday’s game with a knee injury. There were multiple reports that the team fears he tore his ACL during the 30-26 victory and head coach Matt Nagy confirmed them at his press conference.

“It looks like he did end up tearing his ACL,” Nagy said, via the Chicago Sun-Times. “That’ll be a big blow to us.”

Cohen had three catches for 20 yards and two carries for 20 yards on Sunday. He recently signed a three-year extension with the team and won’t be playing again until he’s in the first year of that pact if the initial diagnosis holds up.


11 responses to “Bears believe Tarik Cohen tore his ACL

  1. While I feel bad for him that he got hurt and it doesn’t really HELP the Bears to be down a running back, how does it really HURT them? The dude doesnt do anything. He really hasn’t done anything in 2 years.

  2. The dude doesnt do anything. He really hasn’t done anything in 2 years.


    He caught 150 balls the last two seasons.

  3. That was a brutal injury. Surprised he didn’t have a compound fracture of his lower leg. Looked career-ending to tell the truth.

  4. What’s with all the injuries so early in the season? I thought they were tested daily for illness etc etc.

  5. Still a very weird extension to have done before A-Rob’s — but I’m glad for Tarik that he got it done before this injury. Hope he gets better quickly!

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