Bill O’Brien: I don’t think anybody is panicking

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The Texans took a 21-17 lead into halftime of Sunday’s game against the Steelers, but they wouldn’t put any point on the board over the final 15 minutes.

That meant the 11 points the Steelers scored were enough for them to win the game and move to 3-0 on the season. The Texans are 0-3, which is a worrisome place to be when you’re trying to return to the playoffs for the third straight season.

Worry is different than panic and Texans head coach Bill O’Brien said after Sunday’s loss that he doesn’t think anyone with the team has pressed that button.

“I don’t think so. We have a really veteran team,” O’Brien said, via Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle. “I don’t think anybody is panicking. 0-3 isn’t where we want to be. Urgency. There’s no panic. We’ve got to get over the hump here.”

Opening with the Chiefs, Ravens and Steelers didn’t do the Texans any favors, but it did show that the team is clearly a cut below the expected contenders in the AFC. They’ll get a chance to start working on putting themselves in position for another shot at those kinds of teams when they face the 0-3 Vikings next week.

13 responses to “Bill O’Brien: I don’t think anybody is panicking

  1. Meanwhile, Hopkins is balling down in Arizona like everyone in the world knew he would, except for O’brien. He NEEDS to be fired. He is a horrible coach and an even worst GM. He has sunk this franchise with his horrendous trades. With the Hopkins trade being the worst in the last decade.

  2. Most expected them to start 0-3 but i don’t think most expected them to look so bad doing it. Offensive line looks terrible and the defense runs out of gas after 3 quarters each time.

  3. Trade away your best players…trade away your draft picks…overpay guys early. Trade for questionable talent…awful team/coach/gm/going nowhere.

  4. BOB crippled the potential of his team by taking star talent and trading it away for decent talent. If you trade away talent for cap space to spend later or draft picks, ok. Sit back and wait for your time to pounce on talent later. But he made moves just to make moves.

    The Texans aren’t a basement dwelling team, talent-wise. But their moves aren’t about building a contender, but playing musical chairs. And the Dolphins are reaping all the benefits. Thanks for giving us your pick #10-15 and #37-42 next spring…

  5. Bill, the only people panicking are the fans. We see no reason to keep you. take the headset off and we will have a chance.

  6. Is Watson supposed to win everything by himself with no help? Because he seemed to have more help before and it was better then? Asking for a friend.

    So not only did BOB trade everything for short-term gains, but now those short-term gains are bad. Yikes.

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