Dan Quinn: It falls on me in all spaces

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The 2020 Falcons have done something no team has ever done before.

According to ESPN Stats and Info, they are the first team to lose two games that they led by at least 15 points in the fourth quarter. They accomplished that feat by allowing 20 points in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s 30-26 loss to the Bears a week after the Cowboys pulled out a win in similar circumstances.

That’s not the sort of thing that reflects well on a head coach, so it was no surprise that Falcons head coach Dan Quinn was asked about his job security on Sunday afternoon. Quinn said he’s not focused on that because time spent thinking about it isn’t spent thinking about how to fix the team. He was willing to make himself the focus of any blame for the losses, however.

“It falls on me in all spaces,” Quinn said, via William McFadden of the team’s website.

If Falcons owner Arthur Blank agrees, the sword may be falling on Quinn as well.

12 responses to “Dan Quinn: It falls on me in all spaces

  1. Been Falcons “fan” for almost two decades, stopped being “emotionally invested” in teams after it was apparent for seasons the OL was trash, it wouldn’t be addressed, and the team would stink, so haven’t paid that much attention over the last few years.

    Quinn’s always seemed “alright”. The guy they replaced Kyle Shanahan with was awful, not sure if he’s still around. But this whole staff has to go. Maybe the GM too.

  2. Dan quinn has proven he is very good at blowing late leads. Too good. He might be popular but unable to put th falcons in a position to win often enough. I belief with that big lead, they didn’t run very much until they actually fell behind?
    Much like 28-3 in Superbowl , either Quinn or Shanahan decided to keep passing. Heck, the falcons could have iced the game with a field goal, they opted to pass and had a sack/fumble turnover which allowed the Pats to tie the game.

    Problem is, they signed Julio Jones and Matt Ryan to big extensions, so…anyone taking over will have to clean house with lots of dead money on the cap. But the team is much closer to a rebuild than contenting with that defense. And not being able to protect leads in the 4th quarter.

  3. Blank should share some of the blame since he hired him and kept him employed after last seasons troubles. Blank and the Falcons front office have to identify that Quinn is and will always will be a great coordinator, but not a HC!

  4. To be fair, it’s not all his fault. It’s not his fault that his QB is the worst second half QB in the history of the NFL.

  5. If your favorite team isn’t really good then it is just as fun when they really suck cuz at least you can laugh. Falcons fans should really be enjoying themselves now. It sucks being a Cowboys fan. Terminal mediocrity.

  6. It’s ok Falcons fans. If it’s any consolation whatsoever, you should have lost by 20-25 points. The obvious homer refs bailed your team out time and time again until even they weren’t enough. That was the biggest fixed game I’ve ever seen in my life and it still wasn’t enough. I can’t even fathom how there isn’t a full on investigation into that ref conspiracy… disgusting

  7. Blank needed to fire Quinn after the SB. The cold hard truth was made abundantly clear on that fateful day. Nothing has changed almost 4 years later.

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