Doug Pederson on OT punt: Didn’t want to give Bengals a chance

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The Eagles faced a decision with 19 seconds left in overtime of Sunday’s game against the Bengals.

It was fourth-and-12 yards from the Bengals’ 46-yard-line after a false start wiped out what would have been a 59-yard field goal try. The Eagles could have gone for it, tried a 64-yard field goal or punted the ball away. The last of those options offered the lowest odds of winning the game, but it was the one that head coach Doug Pederson chose.

“We tried to go for the game-winner with the kick, felt comfortable with Jake, had the wind,” Pederson said, via NBC Sports Philadelphia. “The false start backed us up, so we just said ‘Let’s just punt the football here.’ We didn’t want to give them the ball near midfield. Even a chance to go for it on fourth-and-long, an incomplete pass — something like that, they get the ball on a short field, can kick a field goal and win the game. Just made that decision, hopefully something positive might’ve come out of the punt.”

Nothing positive came out of the punt and the Eagles are now 0-2-1. Quarterback Carson Wentz said he understood the decision during his own press conference, but there will likely be others in Philly who see things a different way as the Eagles season continues to unfold in unhappy directions.

18 responses to “Doug Pederson on OT punt: Didn’t want to give Bengals a chance

  1. Didn’t want to give the Bengals a chance to what? Send the Eagles to 0-3? The Eagles offense has completely imploded, the only lower rated passer than Wentz is Sam Darnold through 3 weeks. The extra money given to Peters to play left tackle appears to be money poorly spent.

    I am tired of hearing how confident he is as he keeps missing wide open WRs and doesn’t see the underneath line backers who pick the ball off.

    The team is going to have be blown up in the offseason anyway, why wait? Does anyone think the Eagles will be any better than 0-5-1 through 6 games?

  2. Just start Jalen Hurts, you have already seen Wentz ceiling. Plus, the Eagles are out of the playoffs picture.

  3. I completely disagree. Both coaches went ultra conservative in OT and seemed too worried about losing than trying to win. Philly has the best kicker next to Justin Tucker and I say that guy would’ve nailed that FG.

  4. Has any NFL team ever had the first pick in the draft two years in a row? Just asking for a Bengals fan friend.

  5. The 2020 Philadelphia Eagles entered the game
    surrendering 32 points per game.

    Don’t blame it all on the offense.

    Letting the o-line-less, tight end-less, thin receiving Bengals
    score 23 points is embarrassing.

    2019 Andy Dalton Bengals: 244 yards per game passing
    2020 Joe Burrow Bengals: 213 yards per game passing

  6. What a loser Doug is. That was the most cowardly display of coaching I’ve ever seen. Just kick the fricking ball and if he misses it and your d gives up the yardage for the bengals to Win than you didn’t deserve to win anyhow. Remember the last time these teams tied in 08? McNabb said he didn’t know the game could end in a tie. You know who use to backup McNabb right?

  7. harrytootsie says:
    September 27, 2020 at 6:12 pm
    Sadly it’s the right call !


    No… it’s not.
    Settling for a tie just because the freakin Bengals might somehow pull one out of no where to beat you with less than 10 seconds left is absolutely not the right call.

  8. Neither team going anywhere, although no good teams in the NFC East, so .500 record will win it. But with little to lose, why not try? Of course, you miss from your own 46 and only take one first down to lose the game-they coach would be crucified for “losing” game at the end.

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