Eagles settle for a tie with Bengals

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Eagles coach Doug Pederson was faced with a fourth down with just 19 seconds left in overtime today against the Bengals. He could have had Jake Elliott try a 64-yard field goal. He could have gone for it and trusted Carson Wentz to make a play. Instead, he punted.

Pederson settled for a 23-23 tie, improving both teams’ records to 0-2-1.

Philly fans and media will have plenty of questions for Pederson, and for quarterback Carson Wentz, who continued to struggle today. This Eagles team, which was expected to compete for a playoff berth, does not look good.

And it could get worse for the Eagles, who lost tight end Dallas Goedert to an injury and also saw left tackle Jason Peters have to be helped off the field late in the game.

The Bengals are going nowhere this year, but they should be happy with Joe Burrow, who is showing why he was selected with the first overall pick in the draft.

The Eagles may still compete for first place in the dreadful NFC East, but today they remain a winless team.

49 responses to “Eagles settle for a tie with Bengals

  1. Philadelphia entered the game giving up 32 points per game.

    Joe Burrow and zac put up 23 points.

    REMEMBER: It’s ALL Andy Dalton’s fault

  2. Wentz Sucks. Should have kept the other guy.

    Remember when the Eagles were going to be the “next dynasty “?

    Ha ha , your team SUCKS

  3. Herbig and Pryor both screwed the Eagles out of the win with 2 bonehead penalties when the Eagles were in field goal range And Pederson screwed the Eagle too with his conservative play calling at the end of the overtime. This Eagles team isn’t going to win a game.

  4. Fire the entire defense and let Jalen Hurts start at QB. Gotta try something. I know Eagles WRs are dropping like flies, just like last year, but you gotta shake things up sometimes.

    Also, that punt at the end was really lame by the Eagles. At least give Jake Elliott a chance to win it with a 64 yard field goal. At this point would it have killed them to let him try it ?

  5. Yeah it’s easy to see there’s a lot wrong with the Eagles right now. Between the aging core, frequent injuries to starting players, not hitting on draft picks, and with the crunch coming with the cap going down next year. They look like a team that might bottom out in a year or two if they don’t get it together quickly. I’m happy at least they won a Superbowl in their window, but it looks like it’s closing.

  6. bengal4573 says:
    September 27, 2020 at 4:56 pm
    Refs were terrible on both sides today. Seemed like flag every play in the fourth

    If the players don’t commit the penalties then the refs can’t call them, simple as that!

  7. Did Cincy call time out on the play that was originally marked as the 1st down, and then reversed to the 3rd and short? Ref said it was still granted. But then Cincy called time out before that actual 3rd down was snapped. Which seemed like consecutive timeouts.

    I just want to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

  8. As a lifetime eagles fan I can say this was the most pathetic display of eagles football I’ve seen in decades.I can only say Wentz and company should take a knee and thank God they have a empty stadium

  9. Burrow was sacked EIGHT times!!!

    This is same o-line as Dalton had in 2019… but… Dalton gets the ball out quicker.

  10. Who cares if you lose? Let him kick it if he misses your defense was play g well in ot. At least you tried. Leave it to Pedersen coaching to tie.

  11. Dear NFL,

    Can my team please be moved to the NFC East?

    49ers (and any of the other 28 teams in competitive divisions)

  12. Should’ve gone for it on 4th in OT, hell if they weren’t being so conservative they might have gotten a first down before that.

    It’s not like the Eagles are going anywhere at 0-2-1.

    Wentz was less horrible than Weeks 1 and 2 but is that really a good thing? 2 more picks and missed wide open receivers again today including Miles Sanders streaking down the sideline for a wide open TD that would’ve put the Eagles up in the 4th.

    Start selling everyone off and let Hurts play next game, it’s obvious Wentz confidence is shot regardless of the bland responces he has during the post game.

  13. Attempting and missing a 64 yard FG gives Cinn excellent position with 19 seconds left. Punting was the right call.

  14. Carson Wentz is a poor man’s Tebow minus the talent, charisma, accomplishments and Biblical proselytizing.

  15. Even if my Dallas Cowboys lose, it is a great day because the Eagles did not win. Fly Eagles fly, hahahahahaha.

  16. I wouldn’t have tried for a 64 yarder but I certainly would’ve gone for it on 4th and 7 with the hope of kicking the 57 yarder.

    Bright side is that Seattle is running a track meet on the poor Dallas defense.

  17. harrytootsie says:
    September 27, 2020 at 6:07 pm
    So your saying the iggles and Giants still have a chance !!!!!!

    The NFC East is WIDE OPEN and probably will be until week 17 when they have to award one of these sorry ass teams the division title, that’s a shame!

    I think come the Playoffs they should do away with divisions and throw all of the teams into either the AFC or NFC category and then take the top 7 teams regardless from each conference regardless of the division they’re in, it’ll eliminate any losers getting in!

  18. Football Matters!

    It might be time for players, coaches, and the front office to put a little more time into practice and developing the skills that got you this platform that allowed you to have a voice from which to tell the world about all it’s problems.

    As a fan a life long fan, this team needs to actually work, I haven’t seen one game that even rises to the effort level of preseason, it like they don’t care and view the season as a wash. I mean I have seen practices with more intensity. The fans in Philadelphia won’t put up with this long, total garbage with the exception of Slay and the D line in spurts.

  19. I guess the Eagles fans should feel good that they didn’t lose to the rookie QB.
    I don’t know how they feel that they couldn’t beat him, either.

  20. Should probably look to bring in Prince Harry for QB. He looks like Wentz so no one will notice. What’s the worst that could happen he averages 2 INTs a game loses to Washington and ties Cincy. Yeah my team sucks too but at least we’re missing a HOFer in Miller our best CB in Bouye, pro bowl RB Lindsey and Pro Bowl WR in Sutton. Philly is missing who an 800 yes WR in Jeffries. Please everyone knows the game plan Ertz, Screen Pass, Ertz, Screen Pass. How do you throw 2 picks a game when that’s your game plan

  21. An interesting piece of NFL history here: This is the second pair of teams to tie head-to-head twice since OT was instituted. The other pair is the Packers and Vikings, who have tied head-to-head 3 times since the implementation of OT.

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