Packers and Saints keep trading blows

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Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees are trading shots, and Rodgers may have just caught a break.

The Packers went up 27-20, after Rodgers hit tight end Marcedes Lewis for an 18-yard touchdown.

The Saints clearly felt Lewis pushed off on the play, with safety Malcolm Jenkins protesting immediately. But there was no call on the field, and as Saints coach Sean Payton is likely aware, there’s no mechanism to challenge pass interference this season.

The Saints got the right kind of payback, with running back Alvin Kamara tying the game again on a 52-yard catch-and run on the next possession, setting up what should be an epic fourth-quarter finish.

It was Kamara’s second touchdown of the night, as the Saints have looked smoother on offense than they have this season.

10 responses to “Packers and Saints keep trading blows

  1. Love how LaFleur instantly knew he was going to use his challenge but let the clock run down to just over 2:00. Happy he stood next to McVay.

  2. The commentators are making excuses that there is a lack of fan noise at the Superdome. What a crock. The Saints were gutting the Packers straight up the middle, but for some reason started passing—and then their defense collpased against the brilliant offensive scheme of Matt LaFleur.

  3. This just in. The demise of Aaron Rodgers was greatly exaggerated.
    I admire Rodgers and Brees immensely. They are both not only great QB’s, but great representatives of the NFL. We all should enjoy them both while we can because when they are no longer playing, the NFL will be just a little less fun.

  4. Jenkins needs to concentrate on defending the pass instead of acting like he actually got pushed. He couldve easily defended that pass.

  5. Well when you throw checkdowns to an agile back like Kamara who doesn’t have a defender within 5 yards of him, that tends to happen. Also, the defender was draped all over Lewis on that play and they never called it.

  6. Maybe it is time for Coach Payton to let someone else call the plays? I am trying to understand the logic. In the first half the Saints had something like 14 running plays which averaged something like 8 yards a carry between Murray and Kamara. Then 2nd half, Payton just HAD to go to the pass. I think they only had 5 or 6 runs in the second half. This makes absolutely no sense.

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