Packers pull away late to beat Saints

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The Saints gave the Packers too many chances in the fourth quarter, and the Packers made them pay.

The Packers left New Orleans with a 37-30 win over the Saints Sunday night, continuing a run of impressive offensive performances.

The fact that 37 was their lowest point total of the year (they scored 85 in the first two) has a lot to do with the fact they’re 3-0 at this point.

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers threw for 283 yards, with three touchdowns and no interceptions, despite the absence of wide receiver Davante Adams. In his stead, Packers wideout Allen Lazard had six catches for 146 yards and a touchdown.

The Saints played more efficiently on offense, but came unwound in the fourth quarter.

From Taysom Hill‘s fumble which led to a Packers field goal, to multiple pass interference penalties late, the Saints frayed at the end of a game that was tightly played through three quarters.

Quarterback Drew Brees was a sharp 29-of-36 for 288 yards and three touchdowns, with Alvin Kamara doing a lot of the heavy lifting. Kamara had 13 catches for 139 yards and two touchdowns, but they gave the Packers too many chances.

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  1. Rodgers pretty good for being washed up. 9 TDs, 0 interceptions after three games. QB rating of about 115+.

  2. Rodgers is letting go of any lingering concern he may have had for the lack of a first-round receiver in the draft. Heck, he didn’t even need his No.1! All that hand-wringing by haters…….for what?

  3. People make excuses for Brees but Green Bay were also missing their best receiver and sanders is better than any receiver on the packers. Brees checked down his way to a good stat line but the saints just don’t have explosive plays outside of Kamara. Have to wonder why Sean Payton after smartly avoiding it all game decided to put the ball in brees hands with 8 minutes left and only a FG down when the run game had been dominant- that was 3 and out and the game

  4. Not really a surprise that the Packers’ defense instead of the Saints’ defense made 1 more play with the limited crowd, that’s how I expected this game to play out.

  5. An undrafted wide receiver went 6-146-1. Maybe wide receivers are replaceable like running backs, they just don’t know it yet.

    Aaron Rodgers looks like he’s having more fun playing football than he has in at least 5 seasons. That’s good news for Packer fans.

  6. The Saints are in a weird position. Supposedly they have two ‘franchise quarterbacks’ but one can’t throw it more than 5 yards and the other can’t throw it at all.

  7. The Packers offense is doing great things because Matt LeFleur is in his 2nd year as their head coach. He is clearly doing things he could not do last year.
    The Saints can score on anyone and I thought this would be a shootout. As usual, the team which made the big plays won. The Taysom Hill fumble was huge, especially after the Packers were stopped on 4th down.
    It’s an offensive league and the Packers and Saints are two of the best offenses. Alvin Kamara is just an amazing talent, and Aaron Jones is great, too.
    The Packers are 3 and 0 and they’ve beaten three NFC opponents, which is huge.
    I would not count the Saints out of anything, either. They are a very talented team with a great QB.

  8. Good win . Offense was clean for most of the game and the Defense made plays in the fourth. Not having the Saint ‘s rabid crowd there didn’t hurt, but that was beyond anyones control. Payton got too cute with Hill and it probably cost him the game. Funny thing about Swiss Army Knives. They do a lot of things, but none or them particularly well

  9. Great game. Kamara is unreal. Wasn’t over until that watermelon spun out of bounds. Packers are in a good spot – this was a big win with the potential for benefits when it comes down to tie breakers (which it always does).

  10. It is obvious Brees has entered the Payton Manning phase of his career. He has zero faith throwing over 20 yards downfield.

  11. Aaron Rodgers looks like he’s having more fun playing football than he has in at least 5 seasons. That’s good news for Packer fans.
    I agree. I believe it’s because he shaved his beard. What do you think?

  12. Three weeks into the season, Packers now three games ahead of Vikings in the division standings. Minnesota has ’em right where it wants ’em.


  13. The only concern I would have as a Packers fan is the inability to stop the run but and tackle better. I know they are thin at LB, but Tay Train and Kumara were ripping off big chunks of yards. I will say this as a Vikings fan……this is the best I’ve ever seen Rodgers look in his entire career. He seems really at ease, smiling more even on bad plays, that’s dangerous folks. He is enjoying the game at letting it come to him, not forcing it. Almost Jordanian!

    If I were a betting man, which I’m not (cough cough) I could very well see the Packers going deep in the Playoffs if they can secure home field advantage.

  14. “An undrafted wide receiver went 6-146-1. Maybe wide receivers are replaceable like running backs, they just don’t know it yet.”


    No, Lazard SHOULD have been drafted no lower than the back end of the third round based on his production in the Big 12. Complete travesty he went undrafted but so did John Randle right?

  15. I agree with Danicafallsinlove. This is the most complete I have seen Rodgers. Offense is a juggernaut. As a Viking fan I am hoping the Packers win the Super Bowl and Rodgers goes out with is 2nd SB and the Vikings NEVER have to play him again! LOL! No Packers, 49ers, and Seahawks are all looking SB legit.

  16. I agree totally about Lazard not getting drafted. I don’t remember seeing him play in college but there ain’t no way he should have lasted beyond the second round if he was anything close to what he is today.

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