Report: A.J. Terrell had two positive tests, one negative test

Getty Images

When it comes to COVID-19 testing, results can vary. Vary they did for Falcons cornerback A.J. Terrell.

Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reports that Terrell’s placement on the COVID-19/reserve list came after Terrell had three tests. Two came back positive, and one ended up negative.

It was enough to result in the league and the Falcons keeping Terrell out for Sunday’s game. It also was enough to result in additional testing and contact tracing of Falcons players and personnel, resulting in the team learning at 7:30 a.m. ET that there are no further positives.

And now the hope will be that none of the negatives were the same kind of negative that Terrell generated in one of his three recent tests, a/k/a a false one.