Bears announce Nick Foles is starting QB

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It’s official: Mitchell Trubisky has been benched for Nick Foles.

Bears coach Matt Nagy announced today that Foles will start this week against the Colts.

“We got up this morning and went through the tape and at the end of it we decided we’re going to go with Nick Foles as the starter,” Nagy said. “It’s never easy when you go into these types of situations. I want to credit both of those guys yesterday for being really supportive of each other.”

That news comes as a surprise to no one after Foles came off the bench for an ineffective Trubisky on Sunday and led the Bears from a 26-10 deficit to a 30-26 win.

The Bears are off to a 3-0 start despite shaky play from Trubisky. If Foles can stabilize the quarterback position, the Bears should be heading for the playoffs.

49 responses to “Bears announce Nick Foles is starting QB

  1. This is why I would never by a jersey of a current Bears QB. I’ll stick with the ole timers.

  2. Foles reminds me of Matt Flynn. A great backup for the team that drafted him, but nothing more than pedestrian when another team tries to make a full time starter out of him.

  3. Foles best Brady and won a SB. How people forget. He would be opened with welcomed arms in Philly right now.

  4. Foles isnt a great starter but there’s a solution to that.

    Let Trubisky start for a snap and then have Foles take over for the rest of the game.

  5. You have to wonder if Nagy has a clue on how to deal with the QB situation. Trubisky has twice as many TD passes as INTs and has led the team to an undefeated record. What exactly did he get benched for?

    If the leash was that short why not start the season with Foles.

  6. Just another reminder that both Watson and Mahomes went after him and Pace gave up valuable draft capital to get him.

    As a Bears fan this kills me a little bit every day.

  7. There ought to be a player position between starting QB and back up QB, that’s where Nick Foles fits. Not quite a true starter but more than a back up player, a true next man up.

  8. Bears might actually do something this year. Trubisky was the main thing holding the team back. Now if they’d just get rid of Nagy they would be unstoppable

  9. Blame the guy who drafted him; and didn’t draft Mahomes or Watson (Houston). Trib got a $29M guaranteed contract. Who’s the guy who drafted him and where is he now?

  10. workinman says:
    Blame the guy who drafted him; and didn’t draft Mahomes or Watson (Houston). Trib got a $29M guaranteed contract. Who’s the guy who drafted him and where is he now?
    Ryan Pace is still there. The same guy that cut Robbie Gould.

  11. Mahomes I get but isn’t it clear that Watson was all about Hopkins. At least his pedestrian stats and 0-3 record this season clearly says that.

  12. Week 1-Is Trubisky all of a sudden good?!

    Week 3-Trubisky benched. Who ever could even this guy was any good?

  13. I know you guys didn’t like Cutler, but I loved that guy. Mostly because he said this in a huddle when playing behind the Vikings:

    “Don’t worry guys, the Vikings will find a way to screw it up.”


  14. “Trib got a $29M guaranteed contract. ”

    Hope he saved a lot of that he might not get another one

  15. Seems an odd thing to announce so early. “Hey, next opponent, wanted you to have as much prep time as possible, you’re welcome.”

  16. Trubisky owns the Lions, maybe Nagy will let him start that game to complete the third consecutive sweep of the LoLions.

  17. So this means that in two three weeks Trubes will again be the starter? Im sorry, but the Bears don’t have a clue when finding a starting qb.

  18. No worries, I’m sure Pace will give away another 1st round pick to move up one spot in the 2021 draft and choose the Bears next franchise QB. It’s what he does.

  19. What a strange journey Foles had been on. I’m no Chicago fan, but I hope he can stay vertical and show what he can do.

  20. The Bears seem to be cursed at the QB position. A good Bears team is great for the NFL. I hope Foles can take them to greatness until they draft and develop a great QB.

  21. BDN! Philly fans pulling for you, Foles. And as a side note, a little confused on how to process the Foles/Wentz debate that was rekindled in all of our minds by the last few weeks of this season.

  22. So when Foles falls on his butt, which he does as a starter, then what? Back to Mitch? The only time Foles plays well is when no one expects anything of him. The Bears will now expect him to win. He’ll fold.

  23. This team feels like it’s held together by tape, popsicle sticks, and luck. That said, 3-0 is 3-0.

  24. Poor Mitch this benching failure has cost him $150 M given his age and what starting QB’s make.

  25. Trubisky made $30 mil and will make at least another $30 mil as a backup next few years. Not bad to set in life very young with over $50 mil and change. All said and done he won imo

  26. How do you bench a QB with a winning record? I think this decision will backfire once Foles starts to play like what he really is, a career backup who lost his job to Gardner Minshew.

  27. tiredofcowards says:
    September 28, 2020 at 4:08 pm
    So when Foles falls on his butt, which he does as a starter, then what? Back to Mitch? The only time Foles plays well is when no one expects anything of him. The Bears will now expect him to win. He’ll fold.


    If the Bears want to really regress they could trade for Kirk Cousins

  28. Brothaman says:
    September 28, 2020 at 3:20 pm

    I dream of a world, where as a Bears fan, I’m not concerned about the Quarterback position.


    You and me both, especially after watching Green Bay have two decades of stability and excellence at the position. Hell, give me what Detroit has had with Stafford and I’d be THRILLED.

  29. This good for everyone. Both Nick Foles and Mitchell Trubisky have shown enough, and have won enough NFL games to be worth at least $25 million a year on the free market. That’s the price of eggs these days. And the Bears are 3-0. Who’s complaining?

  30. When Foles takes over a GOOD offense, he’s good. (see KC and Philly).
    When he takes over a bad to mediocre offense, not so much (see Rams and Jaguars).
    The Bears have a pretty good offense, so he might do well.

  31. It would have been better if the Bears kept Mike Glennon than drafting Mitch Trubisky. He gave Bears fans hope on a fluke 6 TD performance against the hapless Bucs a few years ago.

  32. Aren’t we all tired of the “What if Pace would have taken Mahomes, or Watson? My guess is that the Bears would have screwed that up too. Cursed at the position.

  33. Foles has had a career unlike anyone else, ever. The closest I can think of is maybe Fitzpatrick, but of course Fitz doesn’t have a SB ring.

    I find it fascinating that no team is willing to fully commit to Foles as a starter, but whatever.

    For a long time I’ve been of the opinion that most teams are simply too fickle and impatient with QBs. Teams rush young QBs onto the field too soon then wonder why they fail. Or veterans like Foles and Tyrod Taylor might get half-hearted starting jobs, but it’s obvious the teams aren’t really committed.

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