If Bears go with Nick Foles, a Super Bowl LII reunion looms

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The Bears have yet to announce whether Mitch Trubisky or Nick Foles will play quarterback in Week Four, against the Colts. Four days later, the Bears face the Buccaneers.

And that sets up a compelling storyline, if Foles gets the nod: Nick Foles vs. Tom Brady, more than two years after they met in the Super Bowl.

Foles, the unlikely gunslinger who outdueled the greatest quarterback of all time may get another crack at Brady, if coach Matt Nagy entrusts the job to Foles. Reading between the lines, it appears that Foles will be the choice.

Indeed, if (as he explained to PFT last night) Nagy doesn’t want to constantly go back and forth between his quarterbacks and if (as he also said) Sunday’s decision to bench Trubisky for Foles resulted from a gut feeling, it’s safe to say the Foles will be the guy less likely to be gut-feelinged to the bench.

The bigger question with Foles is his health. He took a big hit on the last touchdown pass of Sunday’s game at Atlanta. He likewise took a big hit on his first touchdown pass for the Jaguars in Week One of the 2019 season, and he broke a collarbone.

Chances are, Nagy will need both of his quarterbacks to play at some point this year. So he needs both to be all in with whatever the decision is.

And if the decision is Foles, we’re all in for a Thursday night NFC Central reunion which also happens to be a Super Bowl LII reunion, only 10 days from now.

12 responses to “If Bears go with Nick Foles, a Super Bowl LII reunion looms

  1. I love Nick’s career path. A lot of average, a lot of bad, some good, and a flashy chrome super bowl MVP trophy if anyone wants to talk trash. Some guys are just made for the big game.

  2. Foles looked great vs Atlanta, but he gets injured often, so it’s only a question of time before Trubisky starts again.

  3. Even mentioning the Bears and the Super Bowl in any context seems laughable.the Bears wont even win their North Division in 2020 as luck can carry them only so far.

  4. That was such an exciting Super Bowl. Didn’t want either team to lose, they both fought so hard.

    I’ve watched the NFL since I was a kid in the late ’70s, and Foles’s performance in that game may be the greatest QB performance I’ve ever seen in a Super Bowl. It was just superb. As a long-time Cowboys fan, it would be easy to be partisan against the Eagles, but I had nothing but admiration watching them. Foles was on fire, Pederson was bold, and the team responded to every challenge.

    By the usual logic, I understand why the Eagles let him go. You stick with your high draft pick, you can’t have two QBs, etc. But it seemed clear to me that what made them so great was the combo of both QBs. You had a guy you knew would get you regular season wins, and you had a guy who you knew would rise to the occasion when the chips are down. How much is that worth? For a team that won a Super Bowl through boldness and imagination, they sort of failed in both regards in letting Foles walk.

    Hoping both guys do well on their own, but what they had together was lightning in a bottle.

  5. Foles will start, get hurt, watch Trubisky play, come back and start, play so-so, and get benched for Trubisky again. The sun will rise in the east and set in the west. Tale as old as time.

    Foles seems like a great guy. No one can take the SB or SB MVP away from him. His inconsistency and his inability to firmly claim a starting QB spot are truly interesting phenomena.

  6. I’m happy for the switch, but I don’t think either of our QBs is the long-term answer. We need to draft one every year. We don’t draft enough QBs in chicago!!

  7. The same Nick Foles who lost his job to Gardner Minshew? Good luck Bears fans, you are going to need it.

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