Josh Allen praises “very selfless” Stefon Diggs

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The Bills have started the season 3-0, fueled by the performance of quarterback Josh Allen. Allen’s performance has been fueled by the arrival of receiver Stefon Diggs.

Diggs has given Allen a legitimate, high-end receiving threat. But Diggs, unlike other legitimate, high-end receiving threats traded in recent years to a Rust Belt team, isn’t the focal point of questions regarding whether he’s the focal point of the offense.

Allen said via phone after Sunday’s come-from-behind-after-blowing-a-28-3-lead win that Diggs tells Allen to “make the right decisions” with the ball, and that “if I’m open give me a chance.”

That’s a very different attitude than the “throw me the damn ball” mandate under which many great receivers operate.

“He’s fantastic,” Allen said regarding Diggs. “He’s super energetic [and] brings a lot of juice.”

Allen added that Diggs is “very selfless,” pointing out that Diggs was the first to congratulate tight end Tyler Kroft after he caught both of his touchdown passes — even though Diggs finished the day with only one.

Diggs got there first because Digg was in the vicinity. And Diggs could have been miffed that the ball could have come to him instead, because he arguably was open on both plays. But Kroft was more open, and throwing it to him was the right decision on both touchdowns.

“I love that man,” Allen said of Diggs.

With Diggs around, whether he’s open or not on a given play, his mere presence will help Kroft and others get open. Which will help the Bills keep winning more and more games. Which will result in plenty of love for Allen, Diggs, and the rest of the Buffalo Bills.

12 responses to “Josh Allen praises “very selfless” Stefon Diggs

  1. Hmm. Perhaps he learned some things after crying his way out of Minny.
    Is this the same guy who pouted and threw tantrums on the sideline if Curt Cousins didn’t throw him the ball?

  2. What happened to all that “Rick Spielman fleeced the Bills?” talk? Give Cousins another guaranteed $90M, and we Bills fans will enjoy having Minny’s “headache.”

  3. Holy Smokes says:
    September 28, 2020 at 6:42 am
    And Minnesota flounders without him!

    bodinibrown says:
    September 28, 2020 at 8:59 am
    What happened to all that “Rick Spielman fleeced the Bills?” talk? Give Cousins another guaranteed $90M, and we Bills fans will enjoy having Minny’s “headache.”
    His replacement had 7 catches for 175 yards and a TD in his first extended action ..I wouldn’t say “fleeced”, it’s .win-win for both teams…Buffalo gets a proven, great receiver, Vikings replace him with a talented, potentially great receiver on a rookie contract…only problem is I have to watch Kirk Cousins every weekend…

  4. Diggs has played 73 games in his career and only once has had at least 175 yards receiving in a game. The guy the Vikings took with the Bills’ pick just did it in his third career game. I think the jury is still out on who won that trade.

  5. “Winning” the trade doesn’t matter. If he wanted out of Minnesota, and the Vikings got a rookie WR that can help replace him, I’m sure they’re happy. If the Bills needed a true #1 WR to open their offense and help their QB continue to develop, I’m certain they’re happy. The Bills would make that trade 10 out of 10 times knowing how the trade has affected them. If the Vikings feel the same way, It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

  6. Jefferson had 1 great game. Until he has a few under his belt, don’t go annointing him the next Diggs yet.

  7. Lee Evans had a game where he had 265 yard receiving so it really doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things when it comes to a good game for Jefferson.. Consistency is whats key, and if the kid can go out and put up good numbers consitently good for him, but as far as who won the trade, teams make those kind of moves to better themselves…

    Bills 3-0
    Vikings 0-3

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