Matt Ryan’s eight straight incompletions gave Bears plenty of time for comeback

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When the Falcons had a late 26-10 lead on Sunday, it appeared that the Bears simply wouldn’t have enough time to catch up. Then the Falcons did the Bears a favor, and kept stopping the clock.

Those clock stoppages came from eight consecutive incomplete passes thrown by Matt Ryan over a span of five series in the second half.

With the Falcons up 26-10 in the third quarter, a Ryan third-down incompletion led to a punt.

The next possession saw the Falcons still leading 26-10, and that possession ended with a Ryan incompletion, followed by a Ryan sack, followed by a missed field goal.

On the next possession, Ryan was incomplete on third down again, and the Falcons punted again.

After that, the Falcons went three-and-out with two Ryan incompletions.

And on the next possession the Falcons, winning 26-23 with four minutes left in the fourth quarter, went three-and-out with three incompletions, taking just 19 seconds off the clock while trying to protect a late lead.

“We’ve got to find a way to improve in those situations,” Ryan said, via the Atlanta Journal Constitution. “We haven’t been good enough as an offense the last two weeks, but as players, you go out there and you try and make the call come to life. That’s where we’ve got to put our focus. We’ve got to find a way in those situations to make a play, and it just takes one. This is a tough league, but a spark here or there can go a long way, and we’ve got to make one of those in these end-of-game situations.”

To say the Falcons need to get better in end-of-game situations is an extreme understatement. Blown leads have become the norm in Atlanta.

16 responses to “Matt Ryan’s eight straight incompletions gave Bears plenty of time for comeback

  1. Give the Bears defense some credit. Mack and Hicks were in Ryan’s face pressuring every throw the entire second half. He was clearly rattled. That’s why you pay your front seven the big bucks.

  2. Maybe Atlanta is 0-3 because of play calling. You are up 16 in the 4th Q and don’t run plays to control the ball/clock?

  3. The TD overturn abd the dropped TD catch were huge otherwise the Bears would have won easily. It would not have been considered a huge comeback.

  4. Ever since that Super Bowl against the Pats, it’s like they’re jinxed. Arthur should’ve stayed in the owners box.

  5. You have to trust your star QB, but it just seems so Football 101 to run the ball more when you’re trying to slow down the game. They started the 4th quarter with a lot of runs on their first drive and then just seemed to stop. From that point on is when things changed from 26-10 to 26-30.

    With all that passing, they were playing more like a team trying to catch up than one trying to hold a lead.

  6. Aside from the defense, the Falcons second half performances are filled with lack luster offense. Run the ball for crying out loud! Up by 10 don’t even try a pass.

  7. Everyone knows that Foles emergence in the second half of shredding the Falcons defense is what led to that win. Foles could of had five TD’s in the second half if the refs didn’t take away the Robinson TD and Miller held on to the other one.

    The bad calls in that game were definitely in favor of the Falcons, even when they didn’t need the help. Foles took the refs right out of the game.

  8. It’s now on the owner, Quinn should’ve been gone after last year. I don’t care how strong they finished they have a playoff caliber football team.

  9. One thing Matt Ryan will never be accused of is being a clutch QB. You can’t throw eight straight incompletions with the game on the line unless you bet money on the other team.

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