Pete Carroll was “really pissed” about Trysten Hill’s dirty play on Chris Carson

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Seahawks coach Pete Carroll isn’t happy with Cowboys defensive lineman Trysten Hill. Nor should Carroll be.

He’s upset because Hill, after tackling Seattle running back Chris Carson, rolled on the ground while holding the leg in a deliberate, Mean Machine-style effort to inflict injury.

“I was really pissed about that,” Carroll said Monday on 710 ESPN, via Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times.

Carroll should be pissed, Carson (who has a sprained knee) should be pissed, all Seahawks fans should be pissed, all Cowboys fans should be pissed, all football fans should be pissed.

It was an old-school dirty hit, the kind of thing that happened before free agency made players realize that there’s a brotherhood that extends far beyond the silo that is their locker room, and before everyone became properly sensitive to the broader health and safety concerns regarding professional football players.

Hill reportedly won’t be suspended. He should be. It’s unacceptable behavior that falls squarely beyond the boundaries of permissible contact. It’s a cowardly act on par with a sucker punch, and it has no place in the modern game of football.

A fine won’t send that message. A suspension will. Even if the league is concerned that a suspension would be overturned on appeal, it’s critical that the league send an unambiguous message that this type of stuff will not be tolerated.

41 responses to “Pete Carroll was “really pissed” about Trysten Hill’s dirty play on Chris Carson

  1. That was dirty and intentional. Anyone arguing otherwise is a homer or doesn’t know football. NFL needs to suspend this guy.

  2. This coming from the same Coach who’s team was accused of rolling ankles couple years ago…oh I get it…seriously???

  3. Then that POS made illegal head to head contact on purpose with Russell Wilson a play or two later. Unbelievable that there’s no suspension

  4. Gronk should have been banned permanently for doing a pro wrestling style elbow drop on that guy a few years back

  5. Hill doing the gator roll while holding on to Carson’s leg should be proof enough this was a dirty play and he was trying to injure and should warrant a suspension.

  6. It’s the NFL where if you attempt to injure another player it’s no big deal, but if you take a recreational drug you are suspended four games minimum.

  7. It’s dirty crap he learned from watching past Seattle games. Don’t throw rocks when you live in a glass house. As for Hill he definitely deserves at least a 4 game suspension no room for that kind of cheap crap in football.

  8. Don’t care if this dude get suspended or banned from the NFL. I WAS PISSED Jerry drafted him that high in the draft and how much of a bust he is now.

  9. It is amazing that all the arm chair QBS who post on this site can look into a players mind and determine what intentional and what is not! Hawks fans put that bottle down.

  10. Airman completely glossed over it in during the broadcast because he’s so snugly nestled in the connubial bed with Jerrah and the Dallas team.

  11. Any bets on where this falls on the NFL’s “player safety is our number one priority” spectrum?

    Fine and forget is my guess. If they’re consistent.

  12. C’mon Pete. I watched a couple of Seahawk defenders take/try for some cheap/questionable hits on Dak yesterday. Everyone does it.

  13. It will be interesting to see if future opponents take up the sort of street justice that Dallas has coming to them.

  14. No surprise. Dallas is already the dirtiest team in the league…and that’s coming from two people I know who work in the league.

  15. disgusting. he deserves an old school lesson to be taught. too bad those players don’t exist anymore…

  16. But Clowney spearing Wentz to win a playoff game doesn’t quite get the same reaction out of Slippery Pete?

  17. The NFLPA should be pushing for this guy to be suspended. Their responsibility is to the NFL players as a whole and should put the safety of the group above the bank account of the individual.

  18. daddeeo says:
    September 28, 2020 at 3:05 pm

    Silly fans. Suspensions only happen to the Patriots.
    The 2012 New Orleans Saints Head Coach, GM, Team, and entire fan base would like you to elaborate on this claim.

  19. Back in the day he’s getting high-lowed or someone’s putting a helmet on his knee. Different era these days no more self policing but a fine isn’t as big a deterrent as having to worry about getting ‘accidentally” rolled up on or getting a shot to the kneecap.

  20. He should be- it was really dirty….but it feels either ironic or karma for the dirty roll up tackles (Allen Hurns), or knee shots (Mario Manningham), or designed leg breaker offensive line plays (Sweezy to Ian Williams, Thanksgiving night misdirect back-of-ankle spearing play, etc), not to mention headshots from M Rob on Kyle Williams as he was laying down.

  21. It’s called a “gator roll” and I see a lot of defensive players doing it, there’s no doubt in my mind that they are intentionially trying to hurt players by twisting their hips, ankles and knees!

  22. SO DIRTY! Who does a Gator Roll on someone who was laying face first on the ground already? That Trysten Hill kid needs a huge fine and a suspension. If that was Ndomukang Suh, he’d of been banished from the NFL already.

  23. On a drive that threatened to take the lead with 3 minutes and change to go a known dirty player rolls up on an Seattle’s premier back. Are we supposed to give him the benefit of the doubt? I hope the guy is suspended 6 games. For every week that Carson is out Hill should be suspended for three.

  24. tap a QB’s facemask with your pinky and it’s 15 yards, $25 grand and possibly a suspension…purposefully roll and twist a guys leg and nothing to see here…welcome to Roger Goodell’s world.

    fan of neither team but watching the refs collect cash from the Packers sideline against the Saints the other night…just giving the Packers some blatant help

    as every year clicks by under Roger the Clown’s leadership…NFL, pro wrestling…difference in name only

  25. That was horrible and Hill should be suspended. A fine is not enough. I felt the same way when Seattle’s Jadeveon Clowney speared Nick Foles in the head last year.

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