Rams feel late pass interference penalty was “obviously not” the right call

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Bills quarterback Josh Allen didn’t mind the pass interference penalty that officials called on Rams cornerback Darious Williams on a fourth down late in Sunday’s win, but the reaction on the other side was quite different.

The call allowed the Bills to get a new set of downs from the 3-yard-line and Allen hit tight end Tyler Kroft for the game-winning touchdown with 10 seconds left in the game. Safety John Johnson called it the “wrong call” and wide receiver Robert Woods had a similar view after watching the play from the sideline.

“No, obviously not,” Woods said, via Lindsey Thiry of ESPN.com. “Being out there, he’s playing defensive back, he’s playing hands-on, he’s checking him, and as he gets into his route, the receiver initiates the contact and the quarterback is literally just throwing the ball in the area, and it wasn’t even a catchable ball. But, obviously, they made the call, it is what it is, you got to keep playing and finish the game.”

If Saints fans can stop bemoaning their team’s loss on Sunday night, they might find something humorous about the Rams complaining about a late pass interference call going against them. They might also suggest that the Rams avoid falling behind 28-3 if they want to avoid letting officials have a hand in determining the result of a game.

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  1. It was a bad call.

    The interception earlier was also a bad call.

    Two wrongs dont make a right.

    Bills get the win, sometimes thats the way things happen.

  2. Are they talking about the missed call against NO last year?

    Sorry – the rule is that after 5 yards, you can’t make contact. The DB had him locked up through a full 10 yards past the LOS. And it was not incidental contact – it prevented the receiver from breaking into his route.

    It was the right call.

  3. It wasn’t.
    Instead it should have been “illegal contact” beyond 5 yards.
    Either way, first down Bills.
    The Rams shouldn’t complain, especially after the bogus “interception” call.

  4. What does a comeback have to do with inept or corrupt officiating.

    Pretty clear Buffalo is the newly propped up soup du jour afc team this year, so this will not be the last of Goodell’s attempts to help them win the division and help out the financially struggling Pegula.

    There is just no reason to make that call. The ball is nowhere near the player, it is 4th down which means a possible sell job is coming, and there was no penalty by nfl rule. Runnning into a db within 5 yards, as the db peels away, and actually turns around to not be called, is preposterous. No one wants officials deciding games.

  5. Well Rams fans…you got away with a BS call at the end of the game in week 1.
    Academy award goes to Ramsey for best flop!
    Sooooooo what comes around goes around!

  6. The correct call probably should have been illegal contact – but it WAS pass interference.

    Look at the replay dispassionately.

    The line of scrimmage was the 13 yard line.

    Look at whose hands touched who first. The Defender *initiates* contact around the 10 yard line.

    He maintain it beyond the 8 yard line (which is the 5 yard zone allowed by the rules) all the way to the 5 yard line, even as the offensive player was trying to disengage in the direction the pass is going to be thrown.

    The moment the pass was in the air with the Defender’s hands draped all over the receiver – it becomes Pass interference.

    But even at the least – it should’ve been a 1st and goal at the 8 due to the Illegal Contact beyond 5 yard.

    But gee – it wasn’t like there weren’t a LOT of bad calls before that… (the interception that wasn’t, I don’t KNOW how many missed holding calls, etc.)

  7. Aaron Donald strip sacking Allen by horse collar- NOT CALLED
    Interception of Allen – Inexplicable!
    If the Refs literally hadn’t screwed the Bills earlier in the half the Bills would have won comfortably.

  8. Sorry – the rule is that after 5 yards, you can’t make contact. The DB had him locked up through a full 10 yards past the LOS. And it was not incidental contact – it prevented the receiver from breaking into his route.

    It was the right call.


    It wasnt a good call, quit trying to justify it and admit you caught a break.

  9. I’m over it. If you’re not going to complain about the interception that wasn’t then don’t complain about this. They got away with numerous holds and crack blocks during their comeback. Rams weren’t complaining then were they?

  10. Huge Rams fan here. Let me just say on behalf of all Rams fans…we have no right to whine about a PI call/non-call EVER. We’ll take our L, tip our caps to the Bills, and move on. Good day then.

  11. Horrible call. But so was our defensive calls giving up 3rd and extremely long plays.

    2019 NFC Championship- Saints convert a 3rd and long on the Rams Defense in the 4th Quarter. We know what happens after….

    2019 versus San Francisco – Niners convert a 3rd and long to ice the game.

    No one playing Madden on the Rams Coaching Staff.

  12. “It wasnt a good call, quit trying to justify it and admit you caught a break.”

    He had his hands on the receiver well past 5 yards. That’s the rule.

    And the contact was not incidental. The receiver wasn’t able to break inside (and had he been able to, the ball would have been right there).

  13. “Obviously not”? Well, maybe it wasn’t PI, but Williams was locked onto the receiver 10 yard from the line of scrimmage. It should be been called illegal contact, obviously. The Bills should have had the ball at the 8, instead of the 3. The botched several calls throughout the games and the Rams were the beneficiary of every 50/50 call, so maybe it was an evening out call, but probably not.
    Overall, it wasn’t a great day for the refs.

  14. Illegal contact would have been probably been a more accurate call than DPI but the result would be the same. 1st down Bills. If you want to argue that the rule is lame and should be changed then fine, I guess, but it was not some phantom call. Just watch the play. The DB had full contact with the WR well past 5 yards. That’s illegal contact. The “interception” call was bogus though. They called OPI on that play too which was just as ticky tack, if not more so, than the DPI call at the end of the game. Should have just been a deep completion for a 1st down Bills.

  15. As a Bills fan I was pretty stunned at the call. It technically very well may be DPI, but it’s the kind that’s so subtle it usually doesn’t get called. I was extremely relieved. After that ridiculous ruling on the field with the interception, I felt like the Bills had a karma call coming their way… and they got it. To the person who said two wrongs don’t make a right, that’s correct, but just like offensive and defensive penalties happening on the same play, they DO offset. Offsetting isn’t the same as making a right

  16. When your past 5 yards you cant have your hands on the receiver like that. Tough call to take and make, but it wasn’t completely horrible. The interception call on the Bills however, I have no clue how you make that even if you were up in the press box.

    Anyway, two tough calls that cause scores = wash. Refs didn’t take the game away from anyone. Josh Allen and Aaron Donald are fun to watch for a football nerd. Great game!

  17. Was it the correct call? Yes, absolutely. Should it have been called in that situation and point in the game? Probably not. That’s the debate, not the call itself.

  18. Abolish the refs. Replace them with one field staff with bodycams who don’t make any calls or communicate just capture footage. Steam the footage to a war room of operators in separate rooms who look for penalties, and only call the penalties if they are identified by multiple independent operators. Set the operators on a rotating schedule where the game each one is reviewing rotates like musical chairs every 2 minute so they can’t keep track of which team has ‘disrespected’ them they only have time to see make calls. Don’t let them know when their calls are reviewed or when the crowd boos. Remove operators who tend to make spurious calls that no other operators make. This would be a better plan for a less biased NFL. There is no need for refs on the field. They are just a source of crime and corruption that want to protect their own at the fans and leagues expense.

  19. rockstar904 says:
    September 28, 2020 at 11:41 am
    Best part was #20 getting owned for a TD by Diggs.

    He also peeled off Smith to cover dead space on the first TD. He knew his mistake and hung his head. I understand getting beat by Diggs, but Lee Smith?

  20. I wonder if Ramsey regrets calling Josh Allen trash? Seriously, it seems that the Bills took it personally, and now game plan to make him look silly.

  21. Ramsey/Gallup with 90 secs left…..but this week Rams fans are crying about the same thing. Dallas got screwed so now it’s your turn Rams!

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