Report: Texans closing in on deal with Earl Thomas

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It appears Earl Thomas is returning home.

The Pro Bowl safety, who told then-Cowboys coach Jason Garrett to “come get me,” is closing in on signing with the Texans after working out for them, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

Thomas grew up in Orange, Texas, which is 118 miles from NRG Stadium.

The Ravens released the seven-time Pro Bowler on Aug. 23 after Thomas’ practice field altercation with Chuck Clark.

The Texans need a replacement for safety A.J. Moore, who went on injured reserve Monday with a hamstring injury.

Houston has yet to make an interception, one of only three teams not to have one through three weeks. Thomas has 30 interceptions since he entered the NFL in 2010.

19 responses to “Report: Texans closing in on deal with Earl Thomas

  1. Not a bad pairing, both are probably a little desperate right about now.

    It kinda amazes me how good of a team the Texans generally have (despite being screwed by the NFL schedule makers) considering how bad their front office is. Most of their talent is home grown, it seems like they draft pretty well. So whyyyy are trading away all their draft picks and can’t lock down enough of the talent they need to get to the next level of the playoffs? Somebody needs to be fired and most of us know who.

  2. 0-3 and they are signing a guy who two actually good teams couldn’t wait to show the door to? Good Luck!

  3. Lotta hate for Earl Thomas around here… And I do get the chemistry issues, but, maybe the next team he signs with is the next team he clicks with? And if the price is right, that could make a huge diffence somewhere. His instincts are what always made him good.. The Texans will profit off this.

  4. Well, the Texans are all hype anyway. Between Watt and Watson all we hear about is how good they are. Yet all they do is lose when it matters.

    Add another “hype” guy, who is amazingly full of himself, what could go wrong? Of course at 0-3 what do you have to lose?

  5. Maybe Thomas has learned something. but not sure people change. But he has some talent, so if they can get him on an incentive laden contract, with little guaranteed money. May be worth it. If they give him big cash up front, I think you will get an explanation as to why they can’t win.

  6. The only hangup is that since Thomas is a free agent O’Brien isn’t sure who to give the first draft pick to.

  7. mogogo1 says:
    The only hangup is that since Thomas is a free agent O’Brien isn’t sure who to give the first draft pick to.

    You, my friend, have been on fire of late.
    Funny, yet too close to the truth for comfort (at least for Texans fans).

  8. I’m happy for Earl. Texans getting a good player if they pay right and he remains a team player.

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