Zac Taylor: Pass protection something we have to fix right away

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The Bengals were able to avoid a loss to the Eagles on Sunday, but they weren’t able to win for the first time this season.

The two teams played the first tie of the 2020 season after the Eagles passed on a chance to try a 64-yard field goal in the final minute of overtime. The result may have been different if the Bengals had been able to protect quarterback Joe Burrow.

Burrow was sacked eight times and hit 18 times by members of the Philadelphia defense. It was a continuation of a trend that’s been in effect all three weeks of this season and head coach Zac Taylor acknowledged it is something that has to end.

“We’re just trying to win the football game. That’s the bottom line,” Taylor said in his postgame press conference. “We can’t just have a free runner, a three-technique come clean every single time. That’s something we got to fix right away. I don’t care what play you call; you’re going to have problems when you can’t block a guy for a second. That part is frustrating, so we just have to continue to prove it and give ourselves a better chance to win.”

Burrow has played well when he has some time to throw the ball, but that’s going to need to happen more often if the Bengals are going to win for the first time this season.

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  1. Can Jim Turner, yesterday. Trade for Callahan’s dad. Trade anyone not Burrow, Higgens or Boyd for O-line upgrades. Pull out all the stops to protect your #1 asset immediately. Only goal of the season at this point, or just put Finley in to take the lumps.

  2. Start by benching you’re whole Right side of the O-Line. Put Practice Squad guys in there, it can’t possibly get any worse.

  3. Zac Taylor, Jim Turner and thbebquasi- GM, Duke Tobin (the group more widely known as “The Three Stooges”) are responsible for the weekly attempted murder of Joe Burrow.

    The kid is very talented but is going to get seriously hurt playing behind that excuse of an offensive line. Shame on all three of the Stooges for ruining a career before it gets started. Joe should change his name to Andrew Luck.

  4. Hopefully Sua’filo (no way that’s correct) will be back soon. Agree with Bengal juice, need to make a move to shore this up. Package Ross and a draft pick and go get someone who can shore up that right side.

  5. It starts with getting rid of Jim Turner. Everyone, outside of the Bengals offices apparently, has known that the offensive line is terrible – but Turner’s insistence that they have good players led to a meager free agency addition, and drafting one (1!) lineman in April.

    Joe Burrow has been as advertised, but I’m starting to think the Bengals should start Ryan Finley until the line is properly addressed. It does the franchise no good if their franchise QB is ruined after his rookie year. Despite the staff’s refrain that “we’re not going to play a d-line like (insert team name here) every week, they are. Pittsburgh twice. Baltimore twice. Cleveland again. The Football Team and the Cowboys…

  6. People think the Bengals are cheap. The problem is that the Bengals are STUBBORN. When fans point out major flaws (former center Russell Bodine, current RT Bobby Hart), the team doubles down and insists everything is fine.

    Glad to hear Zac Taylor say, “can’t block a guy for a second.”

  7. Bobby Shart is the worst lineman in the league. Jim Turner is abysmal and has no business being employed in the league. If Taylor can’t see this he is the problem.

  8. It really is about keeping an OBVIOUS franchise QB safe at this point. Burrow is just way too important and talented to play behind this line. Right now Bengals fans are worried that Burrow will have an injury that he can’t walk off. Dirty teams like Pittsburgh will be headhunting.

  9. Thanks coach Einstein! You had the draft and off season to fix it and what do you know O-line is suddenly dismal!!

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