Agents say Earl Thomas remains in play for Texans

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The Texans are interested in safety Earl Thomas. Unless they’re not. Unless they are.

In the wake of a report from John McClain of the Houston Chronicle that the Texans have moved on from pursuing Thomas because it’s not a good fit, his agents say otherwise.

Via Adam Schefter of ESPN, Thomas’ agent claim that Texans coach/G.M. Bill O’Brien told them earlier today that the team had been instructed by the league to cancel the workout, given the current uncertainty relating to the COVID-19 outbreak with the Titans.

This means, obviously, that once things calm down Thomas could return to Houston for COVID-19 testing followed by a workout, and that the workout failed to happen for reasons unrelated to Thomas specifically.

McClain has since tweeted that the Texans could revisit signing Thomas, if they have further injuries at the position. Schefter’s reporting suggests that the door is more open than that.

8 responses to “Agents say Earl Thomas remains in play for Texans

  1. Why would the Titans COVID issues cause a team they haven’t even played yet and a free agent with no connection to them to not be able to do a workout?

  2. Him not being signed might have something to do with the league seeing as how he has nothing to do with the titans outbreak.

  3. When Earl Thomas was first released from Baltimore, John McClain said that he’s a bad teammate and that Houston wouldn’t sign him. He doesn’t like Earl Thomas. It sounds like the workout was just postponed for the time being.

  4. Living off his name, has an overinflated worth and the Texans aren’t buying. They can’t, gm of the year gave all there money to watt and Watson.

  5. No one us buying a 15 year old car with 260k miles on the odometer for $25,000….JUST not going to happen.

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