Bills don’t expect to host fans “for the foreseeable future”

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Bills quarterback Josh Allen told PFT after Sunday’s thrilling 35-32 win over the Rams that the stadium “would have been rocking” if fans had been permitted to go a-knocking. But the Bills had to accomplish their comeback without the benefit of a loud home crowd, and that will continue indefinitely.

The Bills have decided that “fans will not be able to attend Bills home games for the foreseeable future.”

The team originally announced in August that it wouldn’t have fans present for the first two home games. On Tuesday, the Bills said that this procedure will continue to apply moving forward.

“We promise you we are working diligently behind the scenes to ensure we are ready to provide fans with a safe environment should protocols change and we are able to root for the Bills in person,” the team explained.

It’s a shame, frankly, that the team’s rabid fan base can’t personally witness the best edition of the team since the days of the K-Gun offense. But at least the Bills are winning — and maybe they’ll have a chance to return to Tampa and gain redemption 30 years after Scott Norwell sent a Super Bowl-winning kick wide of the mark in the home stadium where the Buccaneers used to play.

10 responses to “Bills don’t expect to host fans “for the foreseeable future”

  1. We’ll see what happens to COVID-19 after November 3rd. Until then, Cuomo will keep on, keeping on with the restrictions. Perhaps if there was a spontaneous protest at the stadium fans could get in.

  2. Sad, because at least from what I see online they have one of the best tailgating experiences to be had.

  3. All Cuomo and the election .. plain and simple .. control; and inflict pain on the citizens not right .. total BS

  4. No surprise there; NY really took it in the chin last spring and has had some of the country’s strictest pandemic rules ever since.

  5. I think it’s a little misleading to phrase that “the Bills have decided” when the decision was never in their control to begin with. The NYS Department of Health is calling the shots here, as it should.

    Throughout history many bad decisions have been made in the spirit of making a buck.

  6. VisionTim says:
    September 29, 2020 at 4:27 pm

    We’ll see what happens to COVID-19 after November 3rd.


    I’m not sure what you trying to say here. That if Trump loses the election, then COVID-18 goes away?
    What if Trump wins? Then what? COVID continues? Trump unveils a new vaccine the day after the election?
    At least try to present a cogent conspiracy theory.

  7. “the stadium “would have been rocking” if fans had been permitted to go a-knocking.”

    LOL. Good thing I didn’t have my coffee cup in hand.

  8. OK – here’s a bit of truth for the CV-19 doubters out there.

    My wife works for Catholic Health, one of the larger health systems in WNY. She gets regular updates on the statistics because of her job. FOUR! of her direct coworkers have died of CV-19. (not – “oh – radically different department in another branch” coworkers. These are people she had meetings with regularly.)

    In the Spring, the emergency departments were FULL. As in “Gee – I hope you don’t accidentally break or rupture something, or have a car accident; because we might not have an empty bed for you.”

    Yes – it was a VERY near run thing. As it was, they were using overflow capacity. Many more cases and we would’ve been stacking bodies in refrigerated morgue trucks like they had to do downstate.

    THAT’S the thing the current restrictions are trying to avoid going back to.

    It’s not about politics or ‘freedom’ or inflicting pain for political gain. It’s about trying to AVOID inflicting pain on our friends and neighbors – by doing (or NOT doing) some simple and easy things.

    So yeah – I’m a Bills fan. Have been my entire adult life. Don’t mind at all that the stadium is closed… I can drink and be rowdy at home, thank you.

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