Does Adam Gase’s job hinge on Thursday night’s Broncos-Jets game?

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Week Four begins with a couple of teams that hope to avoid an 0-4 start to the season. As to the home team, a question has emerged as to whether another loss will result in the head coach being sent packing.

Radio host Colin Cowherd claimed on Monday, citing an unnamed source, that the Jets will fire coach Adam Gase if they lose to Denver on Thursday night.

While that’s not out of the realm of possibility given the manner in which the team has played this season, the result doesn’t necessarily flow from the factual basis of the report. Cowherd claims that Jets surrogate owner Christopher Johnson already has reached out to a “top coach agent” and started asking questions. (Cowherd later used the plural form, saying that the Jets are reaching out to “big-time agents.”)

This doesn’t automatically mean the Jets will be looking to hire an interim coach as soon as Friday, if they lose. Indeed, teams rarely if ever hire interim head coaches from outside the coaching staff. It’s possible that, independent of the outcome of Thursday night’s game, the Jets have begun the process of identifying the universe of potential head coaches in the event a new hire is made after the season ends.

This could mean Gase is out after the season, that he’s out during the season, or that he’s ultimately not out at all. It’s merely proof (if the report is true) that the Jets are looking to see who could or would be available to take the job, if the job comes open.

Also, there aren’t many “top coach agents”; Jimmy Sexton (who represents Gase) is one of the few. Have the Jets called Sexton about other Sexton clients who could replace Gase, while Gase is still employed? That would be awkward, but remember this: Bob LaMonte talked to the Raiders about hiring Jon Gruden while LaMonte client Jack Del Rio still had the job.

There’s another angle to consider here, an important one as it relates to the looming election. Depending on the outcome, owner Woody Johnson may be coming home. Christopher Johnson therefore may decide to do nothing at all until he and Woody know whether Woody will be back.

If/when Woody comes back, there’s a chance that a full reset button will be pushed, with Woody (not Christopher) hiring a new coach and perhaps a new G.M.

The question about Cowherd’s report isn’t whether it’s right or wrong, but whether the actual information — that Christopher Johnson has begun doing due diligence on new hire — has a direct connection to the question of whether the employment of the current coach hinges on whether the Jets avoid an 0-4 start. There’s a good chance that there are two unrelated dynamics, especially in light of the possibility that the current mess may be cleaned up not by Christopher Johnson, but by his brother.

UPDATE 12:36 p.m. ET: The Jets have denied the report that Christopher Johnson has begun reaching out to agents representing coaching candidates.

22 responses to “Does Adam Gase’s job hinge on Thursday night’s Broncos-Jets game?

  1. I’m no Adam Gase fan, but he’s been given nothing to work with, especially on offense. The defense is decent up front, then they traded away their best secondary player.

    No credentialed NFL head coaching candidate would want to take on this mess.

  2. Hmmm…which is worse: The coach who blows leads or the coach who never held one….Could we have our first in-season double firing since 2008 with Quinn and Gase in the same week?

  3. I think they will fire him. This is about appeasing the fan base because if you can’t win games, you might try to win their forgiveness.

  4. Their roster is trash so for Gase it’s less about the Ws and Ls and more about how Darnold has failed to progress. You could argue Darnolds actually gotten WORSE and so for an offensive-minded HC who’s supposed to be a bit of a QB whisperer, that’s really bad and what should get him fired.

  5. Jets are a dumpster fire. I would rather go all in on a WNBA team than buy season tickets for the Jets.

  6. They’ve had two coaches that have built a winning team in Jets history: Parcells and Rex Ryan. 2.

    Unless they change the process for how you hire decision makers (whatever that “process” is), what would change about this team? They have been bad for so long even Lions fans are starting to feel bad.

    Owners of the Jets and Knicks sorta emblematic of the problems with New York as a whole. The people who made it great are long gone and now you have a bunch of heirs who have no idea what it takes to build anything but have no, seeming, consequences for their decades of failure.

  7. This guy has no business being a head coach. He was only successful because of Peyton freaking Manning.

  8. I still find it funny at how the Jets thought they pulled off a coup to land Gase after Miami fired him. It’s the same reaction one dog has for a hot meal when another dog pukes…

  9. Any organization that would fire a coach four weeks into a season with no preseason or normal training camp deserves to suck.

  10. Want to wish for another man’s downfall, but, gase is horrible. He is riding on the coat tails of Peyton Manning’s success. His team is inept and he needs to go.

  11. Say what you want about Cowherd, but the guy has NFL sources and he’s usually correct about this kind of stuff. The rumors he reported are the Jets reached out to agents about a potential coaching search. Does that sound outlandish to anyone? Gase is reportedly bad at dealing with people, especially star players, which is an issue when the goal of any pro team is getting as much talent that will fit within the salary cap. He fought with Bell and Adams, and the latter forced a trade due to how much he disliked Gase. Gase’s personality is a bad fit with NY, especially the media, and needs to go.

  12. It shouldn’t. He should be fired regardless. How would beating a team down to its 3rd string quarterback prove anything good is happening for the Jets?

  13. The Johnsons as owners are just a trainwreck. It’s that simple. Sorry Jet fans, but nothing will change as long as those guys own the team. Nothing dictates success as much as quality, or lack thereof, ownership. Buffalo changed ownership a few years ago and, because those guys are genuinely interested in winning AND have the smarts to not meddle, they have turned it around and are almost surely going to the playoffs. It’s just not rocket science.

  14. Saying a team is almost surely going to the playoffs is not a good way to place a bet’ may be best to wait until January. Last year the talking heads said stick a folk in the fish’ and they doubt they would win a game. They had success late in the season. My take is most teams have a shot late in the year if they are keeping close to the teams with the best record. A serious injury late in the season could doom a leader. Bill

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