Goodell to team executives: Titans’ results show we need to remain diligent

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After three players and five staffers on the Titans tested positive, the NFL is reminding all 32 teams of the requirement to take every possible step to prevent a COVID-19 outbreak within an NFL locker room.

In a memo to club presidents and executives, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said today that it is vital that they follow all league guidelines about protecting everyone at the team facility from the virus.

“These results confirm the need to remain diligent in implementing all of our health and safety protocols to the fullest extent,” Goodell wrote. “This includes not only our testing program, but facility maintenance, wearing of PPE by players and staff, and carefully regulating behavior and contracts outside of the club facility. It is also critical to remind everyone in your organization — players and non-players — immediately to report any symptoms that they have, or that family members or others with whom they are in close contact have, to your club physician or Infection Control Officer.”

Goodell said the league is exploring the nature of contacts among people who tested positive on the Titans to determine whether infection likely occurred in the locker room, a team flight or elsewhere. The league wants to determine exactly what happened with the Titans outbreak, and be sure it doesn’t happen again.

11 responses to “Goodell to team executives: Titans’ results show we need to remain diligent

  1. Scrap that Titans vs Steelers game this weekend as soon as possible until the league can get a better handle on this situation. Better safe then sorry.

  2. Just have to be diligent. The lax mask attitude on the sidelines and in the facility can cause a real problem. The rest of the league should take note

  3. The NFL is usually so worried about PR. Yet, whenever there’s an outbreak the story will be accompanied by chin strap mask wearers.

  4. When I watched Hard Knocks felt like the Rams and Chargers were doing a good job with all the protocols. This sucks, but it was likely bound to happen. NFL is too big for a bubble like NBA/NHL.

  5. The “ginger hammer” finally hit the right nail. I work at a hospital and we’ve had two staff die of covid despite taking every precaution our doctors and staff could come up with.

    This can’t be said enough: covid is not a joke or a conspiracy theory. Don’t listen or vote for politicians who say differently because they care more about votes than they do about the lives of your family. Truth.

    Since this is only the first outbreak, I think the NFL has been doing pretty well. How well they respond to it, and the next outbreak, and the one after that, etc. will decide how much football we get this season.

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