It’s the Week Three Goats (in a Bad Way) draft

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On Monday, we go positive. (For the most part.) On Tuesdays, one specific segment of PFT Live focuses on the negative.

It’s the Goats (in a Bad Way) draft. The Week Three edition appears in the attached video.

Some of them are obvious. Cowboys defensive lineman Trysten Hill should be ashamed — and suspended — for his attempt to injure Seahawks running back Chris Carson by grabbing Carson’s leg while on the ground and rolling like an alligator with its prey.

Another Hill lands on the list: Saints quarterback Taysom. His fumble on a poorly-read read-option play flipped the momentum in what was a tie game between New Orleans and Green Bay.

Simms and I agree that both Hills deserve a spot on this week’s list. However, there’s a dynamic with Taysom that needs to be considered, and that could set the stage for more situations in which he’s trying to do too much with limited opportunities.

Put simply, the Saints need to pick a lane with Hill. Make him more than a cameo participant in the offense, or relegate him to the full and complete role of backup quarterback, who isn’t seen unless and until the starter gets injured or implodes. Using him sparingly isn’t working, which means that using him sparingly should become either using him more often or not at all.

7 responses to “It’s the Week Three Goats (in a Bad Way) draft

  1. Trysten Hill needs to be suspended for a minimum of 1 game. Frankly they should put this type of “end of the tackle roll” in the same category as hits on a defenseless player that results in an immediate disqualification. It’s like targeting in the NCAA and possibly worse.

  2. Trysten Hill needs a BIG suspension and fine for intentionally trying to injure a player. Or he needs to go back and learn how to tackle someone the legal way without injury. That was textbook on what NOT to do.

  3. Why is it that nobody will ascribe any blame to Lamar when he plays poorly? Let’s be honest: after 3 games, including 2 against terrible teams, he’s the #22 QB in the league in terms of aggregate passing and running. Last night, 97 yards passing was… awful. No two ways about it.
    Yet he gets hall passes constantly. No receivers, missed passes, poor play calling and schemes, the wind was too windy, sun got in his eyes, etc.
    It’s strange though, because last year their offensive scheme was deemed amazing and used to justify why in fact he was such an unreal QB, because he can run and throw. Now, when he’s not doing either and defenses have adjusted, the offensive scheme is the problem. Interesting.
    I understand that he is a unique talent and the NFL and Ravens want to market him and DeShaun Watson. But Mahomes and Wilson are real QBs and on a different level. Lamar and DeShaun are regressing and look like they will go down the same road all of these “athletic/ running back QBs who can’t throw” guys go down. I hope not, but in these big games Lamar shows how he has serious shortcomings as a passer and it is really harming his progress. He might be regressing in fact.

  4. @LamarIsAGoodRunningBack: spot on. I agree completely on both Jackson and Watson. They are both average quarterbacks who for some reason are constantly made out to be great. They’re not.

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