John Harbaugh: Chiefs are a better football team than us, obviously

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Ravens coach John Harbaugh says there was no doubt who the better team on the field was Monday night.

In what was billed as a battle of the two best teams in the NFL, the Chiefs lived up to the hype but the Ravens did not. Harbaugh acknowledged that after the game.

“They beat us. They out-executed us. They out-game-planned us. They just beat us,” Harbaugh said, via ESPN. “That’s the story tonight. Big-picture stuff, all of that, I don’t know. They’re better, obviously. They’re a better football team at this point in time.”

It would be hard for anyone to disagree with Harbaugh about that. The Chiefs took a 27-10 lead before halftime and although the Ravens did pull within a touchdown in the fourth quarter, they never really felt like they were a threat to come back and win. Patrick Mahomes passed for 385 yards while Lamar Jackson passed for just 97 yards.

This was a one-sided game, and the Ravens know they have to get better if they’re going to have a rematch with the Chiefs that goes differently in January.

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  1. The largest deficit the Ravens have overcome to win with Lamar Jackson as their QB is 8 points.

    Since drafting Jackson in 2018, Baltimore is 0-9 when trailing at halftime.

  2. While it gives people something to talk about, you can put the Lamar versus PM train back in the box and return it to the store and look for a new toy. Brady can have the longevity greatest award but he never thought of trying what PM does. PM and Reid is unfair.

  3. You think? It’s not often you hear Harbaugh after a loss when he’s not complaining about the officiating.

    Total yards:
    Chiefs – 517
    Ravens – 228

    Look at these Ravens drives in the first half:
    11 plays, 67 yards
    3 plays, -14 yards
    3 plays, 4 yards
    4 plays, 9 yards
    4 plays, 25 yards

    The Chiefs defense is ranked 11th in yards allowed. The Ravens, surprisingly, are 19th. Still, the Chiefs defense doesn’t usually strike fear in anyone’s eyes. They sure made Lamar Jackson look bad though. I think teams saw how the Titans played him last year and now they know how to stop him. He can only look at one receiver and if he’s not open he runs. The Chiefs did a good job, especially in the second half, of pressuring him and keeping him into the pocket. If you rush him, he’s awful. If you look at some of the balls he threw, he’s not very accurate. If the receiver isn’t wide open it’s an incompletion or an interception.

    I expect more teams, unless their defense is utterly pathetic, to start following what the Titans and Chiefs did. It could be rough sledding for Jackson from here on out. This was billed about a game between Mahomes and Jackson. It was a TKO in the first half. If there was any doubt who is the better QB, I think you can put that to rest after last night.

  4. And Mahomes is better AND way more mature the Jackson. Gonna chuckle when the Ravens tie up a giant block of their salary cap to RG IV next yr.

  5. Interesting that Chiefs took advantage of Marcus Peters but not surprising. Loads of talent but loose cannon who does what he wants rather than play his position and assignment – not to mention history of really dumb penalties. When teams let talented players walk and it is not a salary cap issue, there is always a reason and 2 teams have let him walk.

  6. This was surprising, or maybe not. I expected more from the Ravens. They can’t expect Jackson’s running to carry them as much as they do. That game plan will turn very expensive when a big hit goes badly for him. He’s elusive, and awesome to watch, but that’s fool’s gold for a QB.

  7. When’s the last time a QB coming off an MVP season passes for under 100 yards? Chiefs played him perfectly. Lamar could not adapt.

  8. The Ravens blitzed 45% of the time but only got 2 quarterback pressures and no sacks. Don’t blitz Mahomes. Conversely, Lamar Jackson and the Ravens offensive line don’t seem to be able to handle the blitz.

  9. The Chiefs defense was everywhere last night. Sacks, hard tackles and blowing up screens. That was the best they’ve looked and they’re still without 2 starters.

  10. Mahomes was like a man playing kids last night. 40 points in my fantasy. Amazing. Jackson had a terrible game though. Im sure he will bounce back though.

  11. The Chiefs are hands down the best team in the league right now, and I don’t think its even close. I think the Packers and Seahawks are in the 2nd group with Buffalo and Baltimore close behind. The Steelers and Titans in the rear view but still capable teams.

  12. Lamar Jackson passed for 97 yards. How shocking. The roadrunner QB types don’t win Super Bowls, they just dazzle and excite like track stars for about three years and then they’re done. This is nothing new.

  13. This is the same Ravens team we”be seen in the playoffs too. This is a big problem for the Ravens. Sure, you can beat the cellar dwellers of the league, but you better figure out how to beat the real teams.

  14. Watching Lamar Jackson last night made me so thankful to have Josh Allen as a QB. I would expect 97 passing yards in the fourth quarter ALONE from Josh if the Bills were trailing late. At the very minimum. 97 yards for the whole night… just… YUCK

  15. The Chiefs have a real NFL superstar at QB. The Ravens have a running back who can throw some at QB. It makes a huge difference in big games.

  16. Ravens have to have one of the easiest schedules in the NFL.

    This is the only good team they play all year.


  17. Not in the slightest they just have a better quarterback. Seahawks have a worse team than the ravens too but I’d pick the seahawks to win

  18. Chiefs are better than everyone else right now. The D is decent and the Offense with Mahomes is on a different level altogether. If everyone stays healthy, they are definitely representing AFC and in all probability win it again.

  19. They have been for 3 years, John. That’s why they won the Super Bowl last year and your ‘MVP’ has never won a playoff game. 😉

  20. I still can’t believe that almost every outlet picked the Ravens and moved the Ravens into #1 on their power rankings this week. (PFT was one of the few exceptions to the latter.)

    No question the Ravens are a very good team, but no reason to believe anyone is better than the Chiefs, especially a Ravens team that hasn’t managed to beat these Chiefs yet.

    The Super Bowl champ is the best team until proven otherwise. 3-0 isn’t proving otherwise.

  21. This is possibly the best thing that could have happened to Lamar and the Ravens. This was a huge test and they failed miserably. They know they have to get better. I’d rather take a beat down early in the season than take a whipping like this in the playoffs.

    The Ravens have no chance of representing the AFC in the Super Bowl if Jackson can’t even pass for 100 yards against the most explosive offense in the league. If Lamar passes better it would make him and the Raven even more dangerous on the ground.

    That defense doesn’t stand a chance if they can’t get pressure Mahomes. You have to bring heat from the ends contain the edge so he can’t get out of the pocket. The defense has got to cover better on the back end, but that’s hard to do when the D-Line doesn’t get enough pressure on the QB and he’s able to roll out and throw from the run on either side of the field.

  22. There is no reason Baltimore should ever throw the football vs the Chiefs. Run the ball 4 downs all the way down the field. If there is a rematch I predict 50+ rushes and ~300+ yds on the ground.

  23. The horrible tripping call on Boyle change the tempo of the game in the first half. Ravens still probably lose but that was a big swing in the momentum of the game.

  24. That was a clinic and incredible performance by KC.
    not for nothing but, who does Jackson have to throw to? Marquise brown? Mark Andrews?

    Ok, Andrews is pretty good but they have non receivers. No real receivers. Brown is like 5’8″ and 160lbs soaking wet. Speed alone does not an effective WR make. Size, catch radius, toughness, ability to win one on one. They need a Allen Robinson, Keenan Allen type WR or 2.

    Ingram is an aging average RB. He was elevated due to Defenses accounting for Jackson threat to run. Thats about it. Balt needs help with the offensive roster in a bad way

  25. LJ is an AMAZING athlete and a lousy QB. It’s pretty simple.

    The AFC is a fight between Cheifs, Titans, Steelers and Pats (should Rivers not be Rivers and throw boneheaded INTs, they might be in the race). Ravens ARE a good team, but will be exposed vs good teams.

  26. kingbags says:
    September 29, 2020 at 8:54 am
    There is no reason Baltimore should ever throw the football vs the Chiefs. Run the ball 4 downs all the way down the field. If there is a rematch I predict 50+ rushes and ~300+ yds on the ground.


    I predict a injured LJ then.

  27. Ravens were outplayed, out coached and out performed. They got away from their game plan early and went into Lamar Jackson running back mode. Congrats to Mahomes, another reminder why they are the reigning SB Champs!

  28. Some of my favorites:
    – KC’s defense has no answer for LJ. Ravens have one of the better defensive back fields in the NFL. I’ll take Ravens defense over KC’s defense all day and any day.

    – This might be Mahomes’ first double digit loss.

    – Ravens ready to roll and once again prove they got it

    – Ravens D a much more complete package. Doesn’t look good for the Chiefs.

  29. Just a small observation, but KC flew to the West coast to play a strong Charger team in the new stadium just 7 days prior to flying to the East coast to play the team with the best regular season record last year – in consecutive weekend games.

    Incidentally, the Bolt defense appears to be quite a bit more stout than that Raven defense – at least they gave Reid & Mahomes & the offensive line more headaches.

    Facing all challengers at this point and taking their best punches. Next up: NE & their new QB.

  30. Football at the NFL level is about matchups. The Chiefs match up well against the Ravens the same way the Chargers match up so well against the Chiefs. The Ravens would probably blowout the Chargers. That’s why the Chiefs rebuilt their defense before last season, they could tell they had the wrong pieces (coming from someone wh initially thought the Frank Clark trade was lunacy).

  31. 97 yards lol…it’s funny all the talking heads on tv saying the ravens gonna run the ball down their did that work out…LJ is RG3 V2.0 when he plays good teams, one read if he ain’t open look to run…high school offences don;t last ling in the nfl

  32. The Chiefs could have put up 50 points yesterday if they wanted to. Hopefully The Pats will put up a better fight next week. Last year even with a subpar offense they were in the game till the end.

    Other than the Thursday night game at the Bills and a game at the Bucs later in the year don’t see any team threatening the Chiefs this year.

  33. Harbaugh called down the thunder and he got it. No idea why he made those comments about how their defense was totally different and how the Chiefs were going to have to build their whole gameplan around Marcus Peters. It was like Harbaugh was trying to give the Chiefs bulletin board material.

  34. Chiefs made the Ravens look like idiots out there in the first half. Reid pulled every trick in the book and the Ravens had no idea what was going on. It was amazing to watch. 27-10 at halftime and it should have been 35-3. And against a Ravens team was just jacked, ready to go, ready to show the Chiefs and everyone else that THEY are the kings in the NFL, at home, on national TV. You know that’s how the Ravens were when they came out to play last night. And this morning, the Ravens are 2-1 just like the Browns. Must be tough to swallow that this morning…

  35. The biggest concern for the Chiefs right now is Harbaugh concocting a fake cheating story about them and running to the league with it. That’s what happened the last time a team beat the Ravens while running one of those eligible linemen plays.

  36. One game and all the doubters come slithering out.

    Keep that energy, Ravens a young team with the humility to improve. Y’all should never have beat us if you wanted to defeat us.

  37. The Chieifs offensive is pure joy to watch. No way are the Ravens built to beat the Chiefs if they have no effective passing game.

  38. kingbags says:
    September 29, 2020 at 8:54 am
    There is no reason Baltimore should ever throw the football vs the Chiefs. Run the ball 4 downs all the way down the field. If there is a rematch I predict 50+ rushes and ~300+ yds on the ground.


    The Ravens are lucky the Chiefs didn’t hang 60 on them

  39. flash1224 says:
    September 29, 2020 at 5:45 am
    The largest deficit the Ravens have overcome to win with Lamar Jackson as their QB is 8 points.

    Since drafting Jackson in 2018, Baltimore is 0-9 when trailing at halftime.

    187 11 Rate This


    Hey cool stat bro, you do realize that Jackson didn’t play until half way through his rookie year so you’re counting Flacco in there. The fact this error got so many up votes is nuts. Under Jackson including playoffs they have lost 6 times, three of those to the Chiefs. Mahomes is the best but I’ll take Jackson over everyone else.

  40. I’ve waited for a few games to post this year. Especially because we’ve heard more exaggeration from Raven Nation about how much Lamar has improved this year with his throwing and accuracy, so I wanted to give it time before commenting. Plus, two cupcake games against the terrible Browns and Texans teams don’t exactly show anything.
    So we finally get a real game against a real opponent, and what did we see from Lamar? The same issues that have plagued him in the playoffs: he’s inaccurate, he makes poor decisions and doesn’t run through his progressions, and when he needs to make a throw in tight coverage to a receiver outside of the hashes, he really struggles.
    Alas, none of this is new. He played very poorly again in a big game and showed his major limitations. Yet as usual, the Ravens fans are shielding Lamar and ascribing no blame to his 97 yard passing game. Instead, his receivers dropped balls! The playcalling was horrible! His O line stunk!
    I don’t need to mention that the Chiefs should have had 2 easy picks, or that Lamar panicking at the first sight of pressure and scrambling versus staying calm in the pocket and simply throwing a check-down doesn’t help. But it doesn’t matter– in Ravens’ fans eyes he remains on the pedestal.
    Without a playoff win, without a win against Mahomes, and if you can’t see the difference between a real QB and a great athlete playing QB, then I don’t know what more concrete proof you need.

  41. Lamar is #22 QB in the league in terms of aggregate passing + running. That says it all. The stats don’t lie. You people are utterly delusional if you still think he is an MVP, or playing anywhere close to an MVP level.
    22nd best in the league.

  42. The problem is coaching and the poor job of half time adjustments. The best coaches win because of half time adjustments. Belichek and Reid are the best at it as well as Tomlin and Carroll. Eric Spoelstra and Popovich are great at it too in the NBA. The Ravens DO NOT ADJUST THE OFFENSE enough at halftime. The Chiefs start out slow because Reid and Bieniemy script the 1st 15 plays of every game. Regardless of opponent. They do it to set up the defense, see how they respond to certain stuff, and then find out their strategy and capabilities. Then really exploit it after half time where they install what they learned from the 1st have “laboratory experiments” That’s why the Chiefs do so well in Q2 and with that 1st drive after half time. I think Reid’s strategy is to score right before half and then immediately after half time and end up with a 10 to 14 point bump that takes massive pressure off of the defense because we are playing with a lead or at least caught up. Brilliant coaches take advantage of time like the bye week or half time etc. Belichek and Reid and Saban and Spoelstar and Pop etc. Urban Meyer was brilliant after half time too.

    I am responding to…

    ” flash1224 says:
    September 29, 2020 at 5:45 am
    The largest deficit the Ravens have overcome to win with Lamar Jackson as their QB is 8 points.”

    Since drafting Jackson in 2018, Baltimore is 0-9 when trailing at halftime.

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