Lamar Jackson calls Chiefs the team’s “kryptonite” after third loss to Kansas City

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In three straight seasons Lamar Jackson has started a game against the Kansas City Chiefs. After Monday night’s 34-20 loss to the Chiefs, Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens remain winless in those three attempts.

Our Kryptonite,” Jackson said of the Chiefs, via Jamison Hensley of

This was the most decisive victory of the bunch for the Chiefs. They won 27-24 in Kansas City in 2018 and 33-28, again in Kansas City, last year. Monday night was the first time Jackson and Patrick Mahomes had faced off in Baltimore and it went poorly for the home team. Jackson’s 97 yards passing were the fewest he’s had in a start in his career, surpassing the 105 yards he compiled in a 20-17 win over the San Francisco 49ers last December.

Jackson has made 25 regular season starts in his career. He’s 21-4 in those 25 starts with three of the losses coming to Kansas City.

The Ravens were out-gained by a 517-228 margin as the Chiefs dominated most facets of the game throughout the night.

The struggles against the Chiefs reminded Jackson of another disappointing performance.

“It looked like the same thing from the Tennessee game [2019 divisional playoff] to be honest — that’s all,” Jackson said.

The Tennessee game was a 28-12 loss to the Titans last January. The Ravens actually out-gained the Titans by a 500-330 margin in that game. However, Jackson had two interceptions and a lost fumble, and Baltimore turned the ball over on downs four times in that contest as the Titans advanced to face the Chiefs in the AFC Championship game.

The Ravens are now 0-10 over the last three seasons in games they’ve trailed at halftime. And Jackson has never been able to pull the Ravens from behind when they’ve faced a deficit of more than eight points.

The road to the Super Bowl for Baltimore could very well require another meeting with the Chiefs in January. Jackson and the Ravens will have to figure out a way to nullify that kryptonite between now and then should a playoff matchup happen to occur.

17 responses to “Lamar Jackson calls Chiefs the team’s “kryptonite” after third loss to Kansas City

  1. If that’s the case get used to it. The Steelers have beat the Patriots twice accidentally I think in roughly 20 years.

  2. It’s pretty simple…We has a QB and Baltimore has a RB playing QB. Hard to come back when the defense knows you have to throw but your best asset is your legs.

  3. A team doesn’t need kryptonite against Jackson. All they need is an average defense to shut down Jackson. He’s just not very good. Less than 100 yards passing against the Chiefs? That’s pathetic. Mahomes had nearly four times as many passing yards as Jackson. Let that sink in.

  4. KC did a great job of containing Lame and reducing his ability to run – and what runs he had were never instrumental. He essentially had one drive – a short field one that produced a touchdown. Other than that Lame padded stats and was the leading rusher for his team which thus proves he is not a QB. His passing was horrific last night. He was just as ineffective as a passer as that clown in Washington.

  5. Can’t beat any one when your receivers drop all the passes, the defense can’t get off the field and the O-Line can’t protect.

  6. Hopefully for Lamar, the kryptonite reference won’t follow him around like Pedro Martinez and his “The Yankees are my daddy” comment.

  7. Honestly, what even needs to be said. There aren’t even adjectives in the English language for the butt-whoopin’ that took place last night. For the first time I actually felt sorry for Lamar. Last year, you had Mahomes dragging around a bad defense and every game was a track meet. Now the defense is nearly the equal of the off6and that is really saying something. The game was nowhere near as close as the score purports.

  8. Mahomes is the best QB I’ve ever seen in football – and if he stays healthy, the Chiefs will be extremely difficult to beat in any game they play. His passing precision, his ability to throw the ball from any position imaginable, and his instincts on most every tight situation are becoming legendary in nature. Can they be beat? Of course….it’s the NFL, and on any given Sunday…..

  9. The Chiefs played very well, of course. But the Ravens are so overrated it’s not even funny. Lamar Jackson is not an NFL quarterback and their defense sucks.

    Why on earth everyone called the Ravens the number one team in football after TWO GAMES escapes me completely.

  10. Mahomes is The Best Player in the league. He can Do Everything. Lamar is talented and can do amazing things, but is limited in what he can do. There is no question who is the better football player. Go Chiefs.

  11. Lamar, your kryptonite seems to be throwing accurately and making good reads. You’re the #22 QB in the league right now after 3 games in terms of aggregate passing and running. And 2 of those 3 games came against terrible football teams.

    If I were a Ravens fan, I would not just be nervous, but really concerned about the regression right now. He’s nowhere close to where he was last year and falling off fast.

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