Maybe Jerry Jones was criticizing Dak Prescott, after all

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Sometimes, there’s a huge difference between reading words and hearing them.

Earlier today, I posted an item based on quotes published by 105.3 The Fan in Dallas from Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who made comments about quarterback mobility and, in so doing, made reference to quarterbacks like Patrick Mahomes, Russell Wilson, Dak Prescott, and Tony Romo. The words as reduced to writing didn’t seem to reflect the belief by some that Jones was criticizing Dak.

Then, during PFT PM, I heard the actually comments. The audio made me think otherwise.

Specifically, hearing Jerry’s voice — words, tone, inflection, everything — made me think that Jones was subtly (but definitely) making a point that some mobile quarterbacks are able, after buying time with their feet, to refocus the eyes on the available options and throw the ball to someone who is open. On Sunday, Dak failed to do that after using his feet successfully to extend what became the last offensive play of the game for Dallas, due to an interception thrown by the quarterback.

The words can be heard in the attached video. Make your own decision. Was Jones comparing Dak to other mobile quarterbacks or was Jones suggesting that, unlike some of the best mobile quarterbacks, Dak failed to properly refocus his eyes on the field and make an accurate throw after buying time with his feet and recovering after nearly stumbling and falling?

If it’s the latter, the question then becomes whether the Cowboys truly are as sold as they could or should be on Prescott over the long haul. That’s why it’s important to figure this out — and it’s perhaps important enough that Jones should be asked that question directly the next time he’s on 105.3 The Fan.

29 responses to “Maybe Jerry Jones was criticizing Dak Prescott, after all

  1. Jerry’s Hall of Fame thing marginalized the honor. Imo his claim to fame is running off the best thing in Cowboys history. Jimmy Johnson and i say this as a guy who really despises the organization. Truth

  2. Jerry was absolutely criticizing Prescott. That’s Jerry the businessman trying to drive down Dak’s market ahead of negotiations…

  3. Dalton could go 12-4 with this roster. And I say that as a Bengals fan who was not a huge Dalton supporter. Dak is so overrated it’s ridiculous.

  4. As a cowboys fan I firmly believe dallas missed their window to win a superbowl with Dak. If he’s paid like a top 5 qb their won’t be enough talent around him to win a superbowl. He’s a good but not great quarterback.

  5. Is it possible that Jerry Jones has not noticed that Dak Prescott is leading the NFL in passing yards while the fabled and hyped Dallas O-line has fallen apart? There are only two Dallas players worthy of note, Prescott and Aldon Smith. The rest are injury-riddled liabilities, cast-offs from other teams, repeated substance abusers, and draftees hurriedly pressed into service because of the general lack of talent. Yet, Jerry stands aloof from the mess he has fomented, and dishes calumnies onto the one player capable of rescuing a struggling team from the misdeeds of its owner. Isn’t Jerry just a prince of a fellow who genuinely gives credit where credit is due?

  6. Anything is possible when Jerry Jones starts rambling. He has the ability to talk for hours yet say absolutely nothing, leaving it al up to interpretation. So, none of us knows what he’s saying and frankly, neither does he.

  7. Millionaires don’t get to be millionaires by spending their money frivoriously. If the Cowboys really thought Prescott was worth it they would have spent the money in the off season. Now Prescott is proving them right.

  8. I like Dak – he’s a fine QB, but no way is he Wilson, Mahomes, or Romo. Those guys leave the pocket and are constantly looking downfield for the next play – until he learns to extend the passing play effectively, run appropriately, and win some dang games against the better teams, he’s a Top11-15 QB at best. Nowhere near being a Top 10 QB right now — maybe never. With the weapons that he has – wow, he should be lighting up scoreboards, not padding stat sheets.

  9. Jones has no idea what he is talking about. Let me start by saying, I am a Steelers fan, so this isn’t my fight but I did watch Sunday’s game in total and even though Dak made numerous mistakes, he is not the Cowboy’s biggest problem. That Mantle goes to Jones. This defensive secondary has to be one of the worst in the NFL, and what exactly is their 100 million D-line man doing these days? Still hasn’t record a sack this season. Zeke had 14 carries for 34 yards.

    Finally, there are very few QBs in the NFL that you can tell to go win you a game, when others around them aren’t playing well and Dak is on the cusp but not there. He is not as accurate, and Just like my QB Ben, he will make bone head plays that makes you go what the “h3ll.” Point been, you need to build a team around him, and Jones has failed in that regard. Everyone he paid are playing subpar this year. D-Law has no sacks, Elliot is currently averaging 3.8 yards per game, Amari Cooper has yet to catch a TD, and Jaylon Smith isn’t flashing like he once did. Good luck Dallas.

  10. I’m not a Cowboy fan but you have a RB with a 90m contract and a slightly better than average QB yet all you do is throw the ball. Their game plan should have to run Zeke and keep Wilson off the field as much as possible. They should be 0-3, it’s been quiet because they can’t blame Jason Garrett anymore.

  11. panthrobro says:
    September 29, 2020 at 11:57 pm
    . . Imo his claim to fame is running off the best thing in Cowboys history. Jimmy Johnson …

    JJ may have been the third best thing in Cowboys history. After Tom Landry, and his hat.

  12. Given enough talent around him he could lead the Cowboys to a SB win, but he’s not at the level of being able to carry his team to the SB. Solid QB? Yes. Franchise QB? Sure. Elite QB? No.

  13. The problem with the Cowboys isn’t Dak Prescott, the problem with the Cowboys is Jerruh Jones.
    Jones thinks he knows football but all you have to do is look at what he’s done since Jimmy Johnson left to know the truth. Yeah, Barry Switzer won a Super Bowl for him, but everybody knows that was Jimmy Johnson’s team.
    The Cowboys will never win another Super Bowl as long as Jerruh Jones is running things. If I were Dak Prescott, I would not sign another contract with the Cowboys and go to another team where he has a chance to win.

  14. Pretty sure the 5 offensive lineman got beat by 3 pass rushers and Dak still managed to get a pass off into the end zone.

  15. When averaging 400 passing yards a game isn’t enough.

    he should try passing for 400 while not being down 20….of course he’s gonna put of those numbers when his d is getting shredded…as a giants fan i beg jerry to pay this man

  16. To all the Dak faithful… total yards doesn’t mean talent. I don’t give a hoot about the cowboys one way or another, but would you rather have a guy with 4k yards and a 12-4 record, or a guy with 5k yards and an 8-8 record?

  17. “Is it possible that Jerry Jones has not noticed that Dak Prescott is leading the NFL in passing yards ”

    In the modern NFL passing stats frequently lie. Offenses are built around high-percentage completions which pile up the yardage as the teams march between the 20s only to struggle to score TDs once the field shrinks and there is less room between defenders. And completion percentage is high even on teams who never can pick up a 3rd down. Two years back the Bucs set what had to be some sort of record: Winston and Fitzpatrick combined for 9 games of 70%+ completions yet somehow they went 3-6 in those games and scored under 20 points in most of them.

  18. Dak is good, not great. He’ll never be a Manning, Brady, Rodgers, or Wilson type of QB. He’s more of a Dalton, Tannehill or Fitzpatrick type: Good enough to win some games, but can’t carry a team or shift to another gear when the pressure is on.

  19. “I predict he will make a trade with the Lions and get Stafford after this season”

    Yup, that would fit perfectly. Matt STATford.

  20. dak has indeed had enough help to win games. while the high paid talent fails to produce, gallup and lamb are playing well. the talent level on the o line is less, but better than most teams. even though the d stunk this week, dak still got the ball back with plenty of time to facilitate a drive for the tying score.

    to the steeler fan, ben has two rings. to compare him to dak is absurd.

    as for matt statford, if he one time had the talent the cowboy qbs have had during his time in detroit, they might call him something more complimentary…he never had a chance in detroit.

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