Patrick Mahomes sends another message with his fingers

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Most of the on-field messages from Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes come from his arm or his feet. On Monday night, he sent another message with his fingers.

After throwing his final touchdown pass on the night against the Ravens, in a game Kansas City won 34-20, Mahomes counted to four on his right hand before transitioning to a Jordan-style shrug. Was that a reference to the fact that he landed at No. 4 on the NFL’s top 100 players list?

I think I had four touchdowns at that point,” Mahomes said when asked that question after the game.

He’s right, but there definitely was another message. When his spot on the list was announced, he made note of it on Twitter.

As we explained at the time, his landing spot at No. 4 in the countdown revealed in late July came from the process that leads to the annual list. The league asked players during the 2019 regular season to list the top 20 players in the league. Since Mahomes missed multiple games last year due to a knee injury, he lacked the same sizzle that he had in 2018. Instead, Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson (No. 1 on the list) and Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (No. 2) landed higher because, during the 2019 season, they were the two getting the most MVP buzz. (Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald came in at No. 3.) Eventually, Jackson won the 2019 regular-season MVP award, getting all 50 votes.

Those details don’t matter when it comes to finding motivation, and when standing atop the NFL’s mountain any and all potential chips on the shoulder are welcome.

Cementing the fact that Mahomes was making reference to his spot on the top-100 list is the fact that, last year, Mahomes counted to 10 after throwing a Sunday night touchdown pass against the Bears. It was a much more obvious reference to the fact that he languished on the 2017 draft board until pick No. 10, eight spots behind now-benched Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky.

That’s really the broader point. Although no one will accuse Mahomes of being disrespectful, he made these points when easily handling teams led by the quarterback taken second overall in 2017 and the team led by the quarterback who finished atop the top-100 list.

19 responses to “Patrick Mahomes sends another message with his fingers

  1. Mahomes is probably better than Jackson, but he’s not better than Wilson. I’d take Wilson over Mahomes every day.

  2. He can do whatever he wants as far as I’m concerned. He’s on top of the mountain and honestly it’s hard to see who or what teams in 2nd place

  3. I just shook my head when Trubisky was drafted. Swear on my words, I had already pegged Mahomes as the best QB in the draft and couldn’t believe he dropped to 10. If I was the Bears organization I’d be doing a post mortem on the 2017 draft with the intent of making serious changes.

  4. Mahomes is by far, and it’s really far, the best player in the NFL. Guys like Jackson flash, but without the elite passing ability, they can’t bring it against top defenses.

    Only Aaron Rodgers comes close to Mahomes as a passer. Wilson and a few others are very good, but nowhere as special as Mahomes. Mahomes, if he’s blessed with a long career, will challenge for the GOAT title.

  5. Lamar Jackson winning an MVP award will seem like a dream in five years. He cannot handle good defences or overcoming deficits. His athletic gifts are amazing but he’s so far behind Mahomes as a QB that it’s not even a conversation.

  6. Who’s beating the Chiefs? Now or in the future? If this kid stays healthy with this coaching staff and Spagnolo’s D doing just enough..who’s beating them?

  7. I wonder if they redid the list where Jackson would be now. It certainly wouldn’t be #1. All the hype is just bluster. He’s a RB who throws the ball now and then. You could see the difference last night when Mahomes threw for nearly four times as many passing yards as Jackson.

  8. And watch Patrick’s performances now, rue the day you opposing NFL players didn’t pick him as the bestest player………….

  9. Mahomes is the #1 player in the NFL. Ludicrous he was rated #4 in the NFL top 100. I Like that he hasn’t forgotten.

  10. The truly great players have to find ways to self motivate. A slight to them, no matter how seemingly insignificant, can make them even greater.

  11. How many years did Brady scrounge for the most ridiculous reasons to feel slighted, even after multiple Super Bowls? If you always have something to prove, you’ll always be providing people wrong.

  12. Lamar and Wilson are hands-down the two best QBs in the league. After that, Brady and Rodgers are in the next tier. Brees has dropped. Josh Allen is rising, but that hype train is a little fast given the immature body of work. Lamar is a bit more productive than DeShaun, but their stars are quickly fading given it becomes clear game after game that they simply are inaccurate and unreliable passers.
    Before Ravens fans start shielding Lamar and talking about the bad playcalling, the bad O line, the bad drops from his receivers– conveniently ignoring the fact Lamar can’t hit a receiver outside of the hashes, period– here are the facts.
    Lamar is #27 of all QBs in passing yards, #20 in yds/ attempt, #16 in TDs, #15 in completion percentage, and #12 in QBR.
    But you’re forgetting how awesome he is as a runner! Actually, Kyler Murray is better and Cam Newton thus far is very close. Lamar runs for 60 yds/ game, which helps.
    So let’s add passing and running now– the total picture!
    Lamar is #22 overall.
    Stats are stats.

  13. LamarIsAGoodRunningBack says:
    September 29, 2020 at 3:20 pm

    Stats are stats.


    This isn’t fantasy football, this is real football where things like play calling, dropped passes, penalties, and poor defense matter.

  14. Nick Name,
    Glad to see another fan covering up for Lamar. It’s really incredible how blind people get and simply will not place any responsibility on Lamar when he plays poorly. I don’t understand why he gets such a hall pass. Every time he has a game where he throws for 200+ yards and a few TDs, though, it’s funny how quickly those people immediately tout his passing statistics to bolster their belief that he is a great throwing QB too and how wrong everyone else is.
    Or in those games where he does pass reasonably well, instead of hyping Lamar’s passing stats after the game do you praise the offensive play calling, the great hands of the receivers, the lack of penalties, and the great defense?
    I didn’t think so.

  15. “Pride comes before the fall.”

    Broski!? That take is so two years ago!! Guy has the MVP awards (reg season, SB) and ring (SB 😉 to back it up.

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