Report: Titans coaches say “no excuses” if they have to play without practicing

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The NFL has made no announcements about changes to the Week Four schedule, which means that the Steelers-Titans and Vikings-Texans games are set to move forward as planned despite the closure of team facilities in Tennessee and Minnesota.

Eight members of the Titans organization tested positive for COVID-19 and the team’s facility isn’t set to reopen until Saturday at this point. The Vikings played the Titans last Sunday and their facility is closed indefintely as further testing and tracing takes place.

Mike Garafolo of NFL Media reports that Titans coaches have told the team’s players that there will be “no excuses” if the team has to face the Steelers with only a Saturday walkthrough to use as on-field preparation for the game. The Steelers released a statement Tuesday saying that they are proceeding as if the game will be played.

A lot needs to play out before we’ll know for certain that everything will remain on schedule in Week Four, so there will be much more to come about the plans for moving forward in the wake of the news from Tennessee.

15 responses to “Report: Titans coaches say “no excuses” if they have to play without practicing

  1. I don’t think they’ll forget how to play football by not practicing for a few days. It may actually be a blessing in disguise as guys have some much needed time off to heal up.

  2. Easy change if the NFL needs to move the game.
    Steelers bye from week 8 to 4
    Titans bye from week 7 to 4
    Bengals bye from week 9 to 8
    Browns bye from week 9 to 7

    steelers/titans from week 4 to 8
    Titans/bengals from week 8 to 7
    bengals/browns from week 7 to 9

  3. This is how you get someone hurt. If you’re not getting reps and working through calls on the field together, you’re going to get someone hurt

  4. More time on their hands for more of them to get the virus. What do you want to bet, tomorrow more players will show they test positive.

  5. Don’t worry, the virus will magically go away before the game starts. The virus is a football fan I think has fantasy league and draft kings bets.

  6. I got money that says more of them test tomorrow. Just too many people in close contact to have it only be 8 people.

  7. I like the coaches’ attitudes. They need to play old fashioned smashmouth football on Sunday. The will win if they are the more physical team, ground and pound.

  8. Troubling times for sure. Having said that, there must be a football facility where they can practice…not sure that no practice would ever be an option. There is so much to work on for each opponent.

    It’s not like some other sports where you just go out and play. Each play is practiced countless times before they ever run it in a game and each game there are tweaks to the play book so that your opponent doesn’t know exactly what you are doing based on the film on you up they have studied.

    No practice = team gets crushed

  9. Worst outcome is if both teams have a bye now and have to play 14 straight games. Move the game to Monday night. Titans can practice Saturday and Sunday while communicating the game plan now.

  10. We all knew this would happen and there will be more cases with other teams this year. The practice squads are larger this year to help with replacements. Moving around bye weeks won’t work. If only 3 of 53 players tested positive, then play on! NFL will have to decide what the critical # of infected players is to postpone a game. NFL may have to add an 18th week for Covid make-up games.

  11. They’ll be fresh for the game. I don’t know how many times I read about guys getting injured at practice during non-contact work.

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