Sammy Watkins: Touchdowns for Eric Fisher, Anthony Sherman “something special”

Getty Images

Patrick Mahomes‘ four touchdown passes on Monday night came in very different ways.

A strike to a well-covered Tyreek Hill and a perfectly thrown ball to Mecole Hardman for a 49-yard score are the kind of thing we’re accustomed to seeing from Mahomes. An underhand flip to fullback Anthony Sherman after drawing defenders to Mahomes and a pass to left tackle Eric Fisher were a bit more unusual.

Both players were well-designed and well-executed by players that wide receiver Sammy Watkins was happy to see get a moment in the spotlight.

“Guys that don’t get recognized a lot,” Watkins said, via Nate Taylor of “Guys that behind the scenes do well and do their job to the best of their ability. They definitely got rewarded tonight and that’s something special. If we just continue to do that, and just have fun and enjoy this, it’s going to be a great season.”

If the Chiefs keep going at their current rate, Sherman and Fisher should have plenty of company when it comes to celebrating touchdowns when all is said and done.