Vic Fangio refers to Brett Rypien as “Mark”

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It’s official. Denver’s starting quarterback on Thursday night will be Mark Rypien.

That’s what coach Vic Fangio initially said at his Tuesday press conference before correcting himself. It’s not Mark, the Super Bowl XXVI MVP. It’s Brett, Mark’s nephew.

Undrafted in 2019 out of Boise State, Rypien becomes the latest in a Clevelandesque line of quarterbacks to start since the retirement of Peyton Manning. Although the Broncos have found a potential franchise quarterback in Drew Lock, Lock is injured. And the options behind Lock are limited, especially since the Broncos continue to refuse to consider giving Colin Kaepernick a look-see.

So, frankly, they get what they deserve: A trio of guys in Rypien, Driskel, and Blake Bortles who simply aren’t good enough. One of them necessarily will have to be good enough to play on Thursday night.

We’ll likely address this topic tomorrow morning on PFT Live. Join us at at 7:00 a.m. ET, when I’ll be joined as usual by Phil Simms.

13 responses to “Vic Fangio refers to Brett Rypien as “Mark”

  1. Bortles led his team within one quarter of a defensive collapse of them making the super bowl. I wouldn’t call the Broncos backup qb situation any worse off than say 80% of the league.

  2. Kaepernick hasn’t played in years and even then he wasn’t exactly lighting up the league his last few years. What makes him better to go in a game than a player who has been with the team for 2 seasons? How well would he have played in less than a weeks notice when he hasn’t played in years?

  3. I thought the Broncos offered CK a contract a few years ago and he turned them down. Are they supposed to beg him to come play for them? I’ve got nothing against the guy, but it seems he’s been given opportunities to play and mucked them up.

  4. Denver tried to give Colin a “look-see” back when he was still in the league, and actually in game shape. He was too proud to take a pay cut, for the franchise that had asked one of Peyton Manning.

  5. This is a non issue, but this Bronco fan thinks Vic is in over his head. Either he doesn’t know how to beat a powerful pass rush or he doesn’t help the offensive coordinator make drastically needed changes.

    Then there is his awful clock management.

    He reminds me of Lou Saban from generations ago who was satisfied with ties, only Vic is satisfied to be close at the end. I hope he fixes it but I don’t see how given the way this vulnerable offensive is exposed to injuries.

  6. I watched the Broncos Bucs game, and Rypien delivered a spark. His arm isn’t very strong so he probably will never be a starter, but I bet he’ll have a good long career as a Chase Daniels type backup.

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