Alvin Kamara on criticism of Drew Brees: I don’t really give a damn

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Everyone knows the criticism of Drew Brees and talk that, at 41, the Saints quarterback is on his last legs.

He is averaging an NFL-low 4.8 air yards per throw through three games, according to NFL Next Gen Stats, and his completion percentage of 70.2 is his lowest since 2016. His passer rating of 106.3, while still above 100, ranks only ninth and is below what he did in 2018 (115.7) and 2019 (116.3).

He doesn’t care, having said a week ago that his job is “not to have the most air yards or throw the ball down the field most.”

Running back Alvin Kamara said Wednesday he doesn’t care either.

“I’m fine with Drew,” Kamara said. “It’s early in the season. Everybody outside of this building has something to say and quite honestly I don’t really give a damn. Drew’s proven to be one of the best, if not the best, quarterbacks year in and year out, and I’m expecting the same this year no mater what’s going on.

“When you’re losing it’s easy to point fingers and say this and say that. But we’ll get back on track and everybody will shut up.”

He’s right: If the Saints weren’t 1-2, the debate over Brees would not be nearly as loud as it is now. But they are, and it is.

15 responses to “Alvin Kamara on criticism of Drew Brees: I don’t really give a damn

  1. Brees looked horrible in the game. If not for Kamara and YAC yards his numbers would have been horrible. It does not look like he trusts himself to throw the ball more than 10 yards down field. He has had an outstanding career and is definitely one of the all time greats, but Father Time has definitely caught up to him.

  2. Its painfully obvious that Brees is hesitant to throw down the field. Whether he is hiding an injury or he knows age has caught up, you can’t deny what the fans see.

  3. Honestly, I see more errant throws from TB12 than Brees. But that Buc’s team looks like a contender. Look pretty strong on both sides of the ball. Tom is the right captain to guide that ship.

  4. If you’re throwing to Kamara a third of the time, why on earth wait for him to run 50 yards first?

    Put another way, Brees isn’t there to stop touchdowns. He is still contributing to their acquisition.

  5. the media has gotten very good at creating news. Controversy where no Controversy exists. Brees is still doing his job even if his job is to throw the ball shorter distances. It is the game plan and the scheme, not inability to play the position.

  6. Anyone can see Brees arm is completely gone and doesn’t even look deep anymore. I wouldn’t be surprised if Brees is on the bench sometime this season. Crazier things have happened.

  7. Brees doesn’t look old. I went and watched some old games of his and he’s always had that wind up throwing motion. If anything it seems like Sean Payton is losing his touch.

  8. Shoulda just kept teddy. The signs were there, most obviously in the postseason game against the hapless Vikings where Brees looked awful.

  9. It’s not the W-L record or the stats. It’s the eye test, and Brees is failing. Trubisky was benched too and he has a good record as a starter.

  10. Brees and Brady, please go. Tired of seeing teammates and the media make excuses for you game after game. You were greal once and now it’s over.

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