Eagles put Jalen Reagor on injured reserve

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We learned last week that Eagles wide receiver Jalen Reagor was set to miss a chunk of time after surgery to repair a torn ligament in his thumb, but the team didn’t move him to injured reserve before their tie with the Bengals.

The Eagles have decided to open up that roster spot ahead of this week’s trip to face the 49ers on Sunday Night Football. The team announced that Reagor has been moved to injured reserve.

Reagor will have to remain on the list for at least three games and is expected to be out even longer than that window.

The first-round pick had five catches for 92 yards in the two games he’s played this season.

6 responses to “Eagles put Jalen Reagor on injured reserve

  1. Well, the rook has learned the new Eagles way fast, especially for WR. Get injured and stay injured.

    Greg Ward is the best of the remaining WRs. I’m thankful for the SuperBowl journey! This is now laughable because they’re bad every way imaginable. QB is trying to prove his worth; TE that is making $12 MILLION this season (and next) crying about his contract with 2 years remaining on the current deal; zero draft choices have panned out for several seasons; team is amongst the oldest in the league; Problems with DL & OL; zero LBs and already over next year’s projected salary cap. Other than all of that, things are looking up!

  2. Why don’t they just cut to the chase and put their entire starting roster on IR. That way, they can cover for those who are already injured as well as the rest, who will be injured within the next 1-2 weeks.

  3. I never thought the Eagles would be winless at this point in the season. Looking at the schedule they could easily be winless after week 6. Unreal. #2020.

  4. I’d be okay if they played hard and didn’t quite, ended the season 2-13-1 – emptied the coffers of contract complaining stars, and re-entered the draft with a push to rebuild from scratch. I like Wentz, don’t love him. I’m okay with moving on at some point, but this team needs coachable, healthy and hungry talent if they are going to rid them selves of leaders- like Malcom Jenkins, probably Ertz, Jackson, Peters and Jeffrey soon.
    Rebuilds ar eokay, look at KC

  5. I dont think the eagles are gonna be good this year. After howie had that just horrific draft, one of the worst and most arrogant i have ever seen, i knew it was gonna be a bad year. That being said, bold prediction, the eagles will the beat the 49ers on sunday. And its not gonna be all that close even if the score ends up close.


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