Josh McDaniels “incredibly impressed” with how Cam Newton embraces coaching

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Patriots quarterback Cam Newton wasn’t thrilled with how he played against the Raiders last weekend, but the team still won 36-20 and the guy calling the offensive plays remains pleased with how Newton has been doing in New England.

Offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels complimented Newton’s attention to “fundamentals and execution” and said he looks forward to coaching him every day because of how willing Newton is to accept coaching.

“I have been super impressed with his humility,” McDaniels said, via “This guy has accomplished a lot in his career. Being 10 years in the league and doing all the things he has done, coming here and having no familiarity with our coaching style, our system, or the way we do things, I have been incredibly impressed with the way he’s embraced it, looks forward to it, really wants to be coached, wants to be great, wants to improve and is a great example for a lot of our younger players.

McDaniels and Newton have both had to be adaptable in their first months of working together and the early results have been promising for what their partnership can bring to the Patriots.

6 responses to “Josh McDaniels “incredibly impressed” with how Cam Newton embraces coaching

  1. Fundamentals and Newton should never be used in the same sentence, apart from this one.

  2. Just like he did under N Turner in 2018
    And IF he continues to do so and IF he stays healthy he will have a very good season

  3. Not often you see a 10 year veteran elevate their game. Newton is clearly motivated to do so and the Patriots are all in working to make it happen.

    I am very impressed that the offensive gameplan has been different in all three games as well as adapting during the game. In all three games the Patriots have improved as the game progressed.

    Two areas for Cam to improve is on the touch pass and in recognizing double and triple coverage and not forcing a throw into it. He has been fortunate to escape a turnover on a number of risky throws.

    The Newton signing looks great so far.

  4. The Pats have an amazing culture and a program that delivers consistent success. In BB’s words, though, none of that matters unless the player has fully bought in.

    Thankfully, it looks like Cam is drinking the kool aid by the keg full.

  5. He said himself NE is a business trip. He’s there to be the best professional he can to try and get one last big deal, elway.

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