Kyle Shanahan: No chance Nick Mullens starts over a healthy Jimmy Garoppolo

USA Today

San Francisco quarterback Nick Mullens played very well in place of an injured Jimmy Garoppolo in Sunday’s win over the Giants, and Mullens also played well in 2018 when he started half the season in place of an injured Garoppolo. But Mullens will continue to start only if Garoppolo is injured.

That’s the word from 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan, who said today that there is no possibility that Mullens could start if Garoppolo is healthy.

“That scenario does not exist,” Shanahan said. “When Jimmy’s healthy, he’ll be playing.”

Garoppolo wasn’t healthy today, as he missed practice with the ankle injury that kept him out of Sunday’s game. It’s unclear at the moment whether Garoppolo or Mullens will start on Sunday night against the Eagles. But it is clear that if Garoppolo gets cleared to return from his ankle injury, it’s his job.

10 responses to “Kyle Shanahan: No chance Nick Mullens starts over a healthy Jimmy Garoppolo

  1. I think the rest of the league likes boy wonders statement and would rather have Jimmy G out there than Mullens who is clearly better than Jimmy.

  2. Yeah, and last week Chicago’s coach Nagy said the same thing and a half into the game, poooffff, Trubiski is gone and our new QB is Nick Foles.

    If the Seahawks move to 4-0 playing in Miami ahead of the 49ers game, and Garoppolo plays like, well, Trubiski, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Mullins in the game.
    Garoppolo was a cheap hire from N.E. and expendable.

  3. “I’m sure Pete Carroll, Sean McVay, and Kliff Kingsbury have absolutely no problem with that whatsoever.”

    You mean three coaches, all of whom lost critical games to Jimmy as a starting quarterback last year? Got it.

  4. Insert dumb comments from dumb people above. Yeah, I’m sure the other coaches have no problem with that even though the Jimmy G beat them all to go to the SB last year. Get a clue.

  5. I don’t understand why so many people think that Mullens is better than Jimmy G.

    Mullens is 4-5 as a starter
    Jimmy G is 23-5 as a starter and a SuperBowl appearance.

    In what world is Mullens better?

  6. “That scenario does not exist,” Shanahan said, when asked about their goals of winning the SB with Jimmy G.

    (And no I’m not saying Mullens is better either)

  7. Remember, Jim played great on one leg against a MetLife team. And Mullen’s superb sample also came against a MetLife team, though he had the benefit of two legs. But here’s a fun fact: Mullens is third on the all-time list for most yards in first nine starts, 2620 yards, behind only Patty Mahomes and Luck. Mullens Magic ain’t a dream no more, it’s the real thing.

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