Gardner Minshew: Like Vincent Van Gogh, I don’t hear the doubters

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Jaguars quarterback Gardner Minshew is used to being doubted.

Minshew wasn’t a highly sought recruit out of high school, transferred multiple times in college, and lasted until the sixth round of the 2019 NFL draft. But Minshew says that he ignores anyone who doubts him, drawing inspiration from someone else who wasn’t appreciated in his own time.

“Vincent Van Gogh, people told him, ‘You can’t be a great painter, you only have one ear.’ You know what he said? ‘I can’t hear you,'” Minshew told

Minshew’s understanding of art history may not be scrupulously correct, but he gets points for his sense of humor. And he gets points for exceeding expectations throughout his football career, although he’s going to have to continue to do so this year if he wants to convince the Jaguars that he’s their quarterback of the future.

5 responses to “Gardner Minshew: Like Vincent Van Gogh, I don’t hear the doubters

  1. Minshew is one of the smartest QB’s to ever play in the NFL. I’m not talking about academics, or book smarts. He’s that too, but I’m talking about QB smarts. Where you have to make good decisions very quickly, and under enormous pressure. It’s a hard position to learn. That’s why Patrick Mahomes didn’t even play his rookie year. Look at Josh Allen in his 3rd season. He’s starting to put it all together mentally. Just go back and look at the first couple years of HOFers Terry Bradshaw, Troy Aikman, John Elway, and Peyton Manning. They all won multiple super bowls, but they didn’t win a lot of games the first couple years. Just think of how different NFL history would be if the GM’s of those teams would have given up on all those HOFers after they stunk it up early on. Minshew is still a baby. He’s going to get a lot better, but he’s already a good QB.

  2. Vincent did listen to his doubters , that was partly why he was depressed and full of angst . He was made fun of by the elite due to their perception that he was a horrible painter. He floated through life trying to make a career out of being a preacher, art dealer and teacher. This lack of acceptance is what eventually led to him shoot himself in a wheat field alone at 37.
    On a side note he actually only cut of part of one ear. He was in no way hearing impaired though .

  3. I hope nobody explains to Gardner what Van Gogh went through and ultimately did to himself due to listening to others opinions of him.

  4. I hope Gardner Minshew knows that Vincent Van Gogh cut off his ear, because he had bad episodes of mental illness

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