Marlon Humphrey credits his dad, Bobby Humphrey, for paving his way to the NFL

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Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey signed a five-year, $98.75 million contract extension today, and at his press conference to announce the signing, he credited his father, former NFL running back Bobby Humphrey, for getting him to this point.

Marlon Humphrey got emotional as he recounted today how his dad didn’t take it easy on him in childhood, but always showed him the path to his dreams.

“My dad has kept me in line. Since I was young, I told my dad I wanted to pay in the NFL and he never let me slip,” Humphrey said. “Things I wanted to do, he was able to tell me no and didn’t really show an explanation, but as I grew older I was able to understand why he did those things. He coached me when I was younger, he’s been everything for me along with my mom. So I really thank him a lot for what he’s done and I hope one day I have a family and I can treat my daughters and sons the way my dad has treated me and my brothers and sisters.”

Bobby Humphrey was a Pro Bowler for the Broncos in 1990, and sounds like a Pro Bowl dad as well.

13 responses to “Marlon Humphrey credits his dad, Bobby Humphrey, for paving his way to the NFL

  1. His dad was overrated, too. I can still see the 9ers torching the Broncos for 55 points in SB 24.

    “Pro Bowler”…lmao

  2. Bobby Humphrey was a solid running back, and a good guy. Never any issues on or off the filed. His son is also a stud. Good corners don’t come around every day. You have to pay the top guys, and Marlon is one of the best.

  3. Wow…an athlete that worships and shows much love to his Father for a change. This is honestly really fascinating!

  4. The Humphrey’s are a close knit family going by his social media. When you have a good foundation of parenting it shows obviously. They deserve all the fame and forture because they WORKED for it

  5. >> ouchback6 says:
    October 1, 2020 at 11:56 am
    His dad was overrated, too. I can still see the 9ers torching the Broncos for 55 points in SB 24.

    “Pro Bowler”…lmao<<

    Bobby didn't play defense and a big reason they lost in a blowout was Dan Reeves coaching style run, run run, punt and leave it up to John to pullout games in the 4th quarter constantly

  6. Listen to that speech and see nothing but class for him and his family. Congrats Fruitpunch now go get yourself a ring. It’s the only thing your money can’t buy you.

  7. Goes to show just how important the nuclear family is!!! What a refreshing tribute by a class act kid. Hats off to you Marlon and your parents!! Roll Tide!

  8. Bobby Humphries is a classic case of when a holdout can kill a career. I remember when he was the Bronco’s go to guy and then held out for like 13 or 14 games and was traded in the offseason to Miami and he was never the same. He must have also taught his son not only football skills, but what not to do to get paid. All’s well that ends well. You can tell his son is extremely grateful to his parents which if nothing else proves he was a great parent.

  9. Nice player in Tecmo Super Bowl. Was nice to mix it up with the run once in a while in between Elway throwing lasers to Mark Jackson and Vance Johnson

  10. Haven’t heard that name in a while. He was fun to watch in the orange and blue. Glad you were a successful father, Bobby.

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