Mike Evans “forgot about” saying Keenan Allen isn’t on his level

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The Chargers will be in Tampa to face the Buccaneers this weekend and that is occasion for some to recall an offseason exchange between players from the two teams.

Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen expressed his displeasure with being ranked No. 77 on the NFL Network’s annual countdown of the league’s top 100 players. He noted three wideouts — Tyreek Hill of the Chiefs and Bucs teammates Mike Evans and Chris Godwin — as players who should not have been ranked above him.

Evans fired back with a tweet stating that Allen should be “realistic” because he is “not on my level.” On Wednesday, Evans claimed that he didn’t recall that tweet while being complimentary about Allen’s ability.

“I forgot about that,” Evans said, via the Tampa Bay Times. “No, Keenan, that’s my boy. He thinks he’s one of the best receivers in this league and he should. He’s a really great player. I like his game a lot. He’s a dog out there, too. He’s a little smaller than me, but he’ll be out there blocking and he plays real tough. Hopefully, we can shut him down and get a W.”

Allen has put up bigger numbers than Evans so far this season in terms of catches and yards, but four of Evans’ 10 catches have gone for touchdowns. The two players won’t be guarding each other this weekend, so they will have plenty of time to watch each other try to get their teams a victory.