Nick Foles credits Frank Reich for his Super Bowl MVP success

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Nick Foles will start his first game as a Bear on Sunday against the Colts, who are coached by Frank Reich. The two of them have a long history together.

Reich was the Eagles’ offensive coordinator when Foles won the Super Bowl LII MVP for the Eagles, and Foles says it was Reich more than anyone else who shaped the Eagles’ offense around Foles’ strengths when Carson Wentz got hurt and Foles had to take over that season.

“He was the one who really figured me out as a player and realized that we had it all wrong,” Foles said, via the Chicago Tribune. “They just threw some plays out there one day and said: ‘Just go play these plays. We studied you and these are the plays you do.’ And sure enough, something triggered inside of me.

“And he figured me out as a player to where, even during games when I’d come to the sidelines, usually coaches want to coach you up and all this, and he’d go, ‘Just keep doing it, just keep doing it.’ Like, he wouldn’t say much. At first it was sort of weird because you’re not used to a coach doing that. He was like: ‘I trust you. Just go do your thing.’ No matter what, if I threw an interception or I threw a touchdown, he cared more about the person than the player. And that says a lot about him and that’s why I have all the respect in the world.”

Reich still thinks highly of Foles.

“Really composed, unflappable under pressure,” Reich said of Foles. “Nick is a really unique player in that regard. A lot of quarterbacks in the NFL have that composure. I just think Nick’s is maybe at another level. Part of that is he’s fearless. He’s a fearless competitor. That’s where a lot of it comes from. He’s not tied up mentally or emotionally with failure. He deals with it in his unique way, and that makes him a better player.”

Given the success that both Reich and Foles are having now, Eagles fans may wish they could still have the two of them together in Philadelphia.

19 responses to “Nick Foles credits Frank Reich for his Super Bowl MVP success

  1. I think Reich was kind of like that too.
    Leading the biggest comeback victories in both D1 and the NFL tells you something.

  2. Every time I hear Reich’s name I think about the biggest comeback in NFL history. 32 point comeback by the Bills over the Houston Oilers and the magical Warren Moon. Reich and Foles backup to hero games show they have a lot of common ground.

  3. At this level it’s shocking that more coaches do not understand this . You get giant egos with coaches and they attribute every success to their system and play calling as opposed to great players .

    Coaches trying to force a 3-4 defense when they don’t have the players for , call a west coast offense when the players they have clearly are built for a run and gun type offense ..

  4. And yet when Reich and the Colts needed a new QB they went with Philip “Interception Machine” Rivers.

  5. Fire Howie.

    Knowing how to finish a deal (unlike Jerrah) isn’t the same thing as making the right deals.

  6. I said it after the SB, losing Frank Reich was the biggest loss for the Eagles that offseason. He was the brains behind the operation and they’ve never been the same since he left.

    He maximizes talent by adjusting to what players do best,. Simple concept but not nearly enough coaches do I tell. The Hoodie is the best ever at it, Reich gets it also.

  7. I didn’t get it. Every opportunity Foles had with Philly he excelled. After 2018 they could’ve kept Foles and traded Wentz for a kings ransom when his stock was at an all time high. Foles literally proved his ceiling is Super Bowl MVP with the right team around him and it’s not like he was 35.

  8. Bears fan here.

    It’s weird to hear anyone say, “We wish we had your QB back here.”

    Hopefully Nagy can find that same success.

  9. I like Foles, he’s a great story, but let’s wait to see how it turns out with his stint in the Windy city.

    This year beating the Falcons does not a season make!

  10. I have always been a Nick Foles fan…he isn’t a better athlete than Wentz, but all he does is win.

  11. I said when Foles signed with Jacksonville “There goes the Eagles Franchise Qb” I don’t think Wentz is a step up in crunch time/big games qb. I think he is solid but not going to elevate those around him like Foles did.

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