Stefon Diggs likes the way the Bills are using him

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Wide receiver Stefon Diggs wasn’t always happy with the way the Vikings used him in recent years, but his first weeks playing games with the Bills have led to no such complaints.

Diggs has caught 20 passes for 288 yards and two touchdowns during the team’s 3-0 start and he’s done it by moving around the field a lot. Diggs has made 12 catches as an outside receiver and eight while playing the slot after catching 12 passes in that role for the Vikings last season.

Some of that has to do with a greater fondness for multi-receiver sets in Buffalo, but it appears any explanation for the approach would work just fine for Diggs.

“I’m definitely happy I get to play many different spots,” Diggs said, via Mark Gaughan of the Buffalo News. “I think it also helps other guys as far as other receivers being in different spots, because we got some guys who can play some exceptional football. And we’ve got some young guys stepping up as well. It’s kind of hard to keep tabs on everybody, whether I’m drawing a lot of attention or whether I’m not. If I am, hopefully I can get a guy open.”

The Bills’ offensive approach has been fruitful for many players as seven different receivers have caught touchdowns from Josh Allen thus far this season. Diggs’ presence and the team’s willingness to move pieces around the board have combined to make for quite the start in Buffalo.

11 responses to “Stefon Diggs likes the way the Bills are using him

  1. This is a fairly young, and fun team to watch. It’s kinda cool to watch young guys develop every year. This isn’t their year, but they will be very competitive and a team no one will want to match up in the playoffs. Since my Broncos are going nowhere fast, I have hopped on the geographically close Bills.

  2. Who says this isn’t their year? Did anyone predict 2007 would be the Giants’ year? The NFL is too wild to make such bold proclamations

  3. But…Allen sucks. He’s inaccurate, undisciplined, immature. Hes trash. Hes not Darnold. Hes not Rosen. The Bills really set the franchise back 5 years by drafting him. His teammates hate him.

  4. mookie34 says:
    October 1, 2020 at 8:01 am
    Just wait until Trevor Lawrence becomes a Viking. Diggs will be crawling back to Minney.


    I don’t understand; you’re boasting about your team being at the bottom of the NFL barrel? Besides, if Andrew Luck has shown anything, it’s that even the best of prospects don’t always turn out the way most pundits had predicted. Not that he was a bust. Far from it. But he’s also not getting a bust in Canton, either, which many would have thought unfathomable when he was drafted

  5. Of all the teams that haven’t won a Superbowl, Buffalo fans deserve it the most. Start scheming for KC now.

  6. All is well with Diggs… until it ISN’T. He’s a phenomenal player but a total hothead. He no doubt will have an outburst when the Bills get worked in the playoffs.

  7. He’s on pace for…

    Through three games he already has 10 TD’s and over 1000 passing yards. 13 more games. Some lofty math projections if he can keep pace.

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