Washington has around 9,000 suggestions for new name

Getty Images

New Washington Football Team president Jason Wright isn’t going to rush through the process of finding a more streamlined name, and he has plenty of choices.

Via Scott Allen of the Washington Post, Wright wrote in a post on the team website that the question he’s most often asked in his new role is when the new nickname is coming.

“Here’s the [honest] answer,” Wright wrote. “’Bruh/sis, cut me some slack, we need some time to do this right! We can’t ** this up!’”

Wright explained the process, and said the team was now in the “Discovery” phase, which involved soliciting options from a number of groups, including fans, and that they’ve gotten “almost 9,000 submissions to date.”

“This phase will continue throughout the entirety of the 2020 season and will serve as an opportunity for us to gather input from everyone — fans, partners, staff, alumni, community leaders, etc.,” Wright wrote. “Inclusion is a key part of our journey, and we think it’s critical that we listen to everyone before making a decision.”

Since they found their place-holder name and the season’s underway, there’s certainly no need for the Football Team to rush things now. But it’s also a rare blank canvas for an NFL team, and going through the process systematically and patiently makes the most sense.