Report: Danielle Hunter has cervical spine disc herniation

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The Vikings have not exactly been forthcoming about defensive end Danielle Hunter‘s injury. When Hunter began missing practices in August, coach Mike Zimmer classified it as a “tweak.”

When the Vikings placed Hunter on injured reserve, General Manager Rick Spielman expressed optimism Hunter could return after missing three games. Hunter will miss a fourth game Sunday, and, on Friday, Zimmer would not allow more than Hunter went to New York this week to get a second medical opinion.

When asked if Hunter has a neck injury, Zimmer said, “I don’t know.”

Courtney Cronin of ESPN reports that Hunter has a cervical spine disc herniation. Cronin said despite what the Vikings have said publicly, they expected the injury to keep Hunter out 6-8 weeks when he went on IR on Sept. 9.

The Vikings remain optimistic Hunter will return at some point this season.

The team ruled out cornerback Mike Hughes (neck) for Sunday’s game against Houston. He also missed last week’s game.

The Vikings will see the return of cornerback Cameron Dantzler after he missed two games with a rib injury. Cornerback Kris Boyd (hamstring) is doubtful.

20 responses to “Report: Danielle Hunter has cervical spine disc herniation

  1. That’s a very serious injury to his neck and should not be taken lightly. He will be more susceptible to damage and/ or temporary paralysis on the wrong hit

  2. Those four words all sound bad, especially when you put them all together. May as well sit him for the whole season so as not to accidentally win a game that knocks you out of the Tank for Trevor sweepstakes.

  3. He needs to sit out the rest of the season and work on himself. That is quite serious. Plus the Vikings aren’t going anywhere anyway.

  4. Rick Spielman must be taking a page from Bruce Allen. Remember a year ago when Allen told us Alex Smith was week to week?

  5. This is the downside of football, seeing healthy young men become permanently injured. I wish him the best.

  6. Wish the young man the best but curious as to how/when this happened since there was no real off season?

  7. Sit the season out and dont even make the games close like last week when you just heartbreak us w/ flashes of being good like you’ve done forever.

  8. Many players have been forced into early retirement due to sensitive injuries of this nature, not for their own health reasons but because very few teams want the risk.

  9. He needs to take care of himself first and foremost. I reslize the mentality of players, but, one’s own health is a heck of alot more important than the Vikings.

    Play it safe and recover as completetly aas possible before venturing onto a field.

  10. An injury to a disc like this can be caused by many different things, may not have even been related to football. I wish you the best, heal up. Hopefully it’s only a herniation, not a rupture. Some of these can be relatively minor (it’s only minor surgery when someone else has it). Hopefully, he will be back.

  11. Between this story and the article about compartment syndrome, I’m learning a lot about the medical field this week on PFT.

  12. Listen to your Doctor’s advice, listen to your body. Hopefully this is not career threatening, but if your Doctor tells you not to play….DON’T PLAY!

  13. Tank the season. Cousins is going to cost 40 million. How can that be for a statue of liberty qb who has never figured out that there is a hole between the guard and tackle you can run through when you drop back. Nearly Every other qb in the league has that figured out.

  14. mookie34 says:
    October 2, 2020 at 5:10 pm
    All going according to plan. 0-16. Trevor Lawrence.
    You really think they would tank for Trevor after signing Kirk to a two year contract extension? Tell me again about the guaranteed money the Vikings are on the hook for the two seasons after this. By the way, there are teams that don’t have to try to tank to lose.

  15. philmccracken says:
    October 2, 2020 at 8:08 pm

    Bandwagon Viking fans are notorious for quitting on their team.

    I’m fine with Hunter getting the best diagnosis of his injury. A

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